Trucker's Truths � All Truck Stops Are Not Equal

Things Every Truck Stop Needs

A while ago asked truckers: "What do truckers really want from a truck stop?" Like a tsunami, the answers flooded in from commercial truckers across the country.

Here's what truckers said they want most when they pull into a truck stop:

Trucking Tips: Cleanliness IS next to Godliness

Cleanliness topped the list of truck driver requests. Like other travelers, truckers expect truck stops to have:

  • Clean fuel islands
  • Clean restrooms (with decent toilet paper)
  • Clean hot-water showers (hair dryers and toiletries a plus)
  • Clean place to eat
  • Clean, working washers and dryers

Trucking Tips: You are what you eat

Good food at good prices came next on the truck stop must-have list. In addition to good, home-cooked food; professional drivers want fresh, healthy food available at truck stop convenience stores for those times when they have to eat on the run. And drivers don't appreciate being gouged by truck stop prices.

Trucking Tips: You can't stop if you can't park

Parking at truck stops was the single greatest source of truck stop complaints. In addition to plenty of parking and parking areas restricted to commercial vehicles, drivers want:

  • Double wide parking spaces
  • Spaces for oversize loads
  • Plenty of pull-through parking
  • Pothole-free parking lots
  • Decent parking lot security

Trucking Tips: Time is money

Truckers appreciate truck stops that recognize their need to get in and out quickly. Parking spaces for grab-and-go stops and multiple cashiers to keep register and fuel lines moving were on the want list.

More Tips: Extras that make a difference

Some truck stops are taking entertainment to a new level with movie theaters, bowling alleys and live music. Medical clinics, truck washes and repair services are other great perks, but the basics still rule. What truckers want most are:

  • 120-volt power plug-ins
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Safe place to exercise
  • TV room with first-run movies

Tell what you want most from a truck stop. Post comment now!

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