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I need help selling my trades Posted: 5/21/2019
Buyer: Sean Barnett
Phone: 816-919-7407
I run the internet department for MHC Truck Sales. We do not keep all trades. Send me your email and what you like to buy? When I get a trade i will send it to you to see if you want to make an offer. [email protected]
53x102 Stepdeck Combo Posted: 5/21/2019
Buyer: Robyn Horn
Phone: 9034771626
w/ Dovetail OR Ramps * Spread Axle * 2016+
Mack Tractors Posted: 5/20/2019
Buyer: Jeff Burkhart
Phone: 8655485861- 573-722-5000
Need now 100 +2000-2007 Tandem axles sleeper and day cabs. Wholesale only.
51' step deck trailer Posted: 5/20/2019
Buyer: femi fanoiki
Phone: 2818187840
Need a trailer that can make a 'final trip'..loading equipment for export. consignee has no real use for the trailer thereafter.
Any make sleeper tractor with PTO Posted: 5/17/2019
Buyer: John George
Phone: 7025617855
Tractor to haul side dump, belly dump or end dump
2014-16 Frt,KW,Pete or International W/ Bad ISX 15 Posted: 5/16/2019
Phone: 970-542-9563
Must have Bad ISX 15 cm2350,Truck in Good condition
2012-2014 CA113 Midroof 10 SP Needed Posted: 5/15/2019
Buyer: Ross Howe
Phone: 210-7781346
60" or less sleepers, NO super singles, DD13
Single Axle Day Cabs Needed Posted: 5/14/2019
Buyer: Aaron Tamez
Phone: 214-426-0660
Conventional Sleeper Trucks Posted: 5/14/2019
Buyer: Kevin Bullard
Phone: 214-426-0660
Yard Spotters - Any Year - Any Condition Posted: 5/14/2019
Buyer: Ike Bakhsh
Phone: 678-325-2394
KW heavy hauler-T800-day cab, cummins eng. Posted: 5/13/2019
Buyer: JD Smith
Phone: 714 392416
to be used in Cal. $ 75,000 - $90.000 range
2011-2015 Peterbilt or Kentworth Dump Truck Posted: 5/12/2019
Buyer: Kay Thomas
Phone: 7075805924
Automatic Transmission Preffered $50k-60k
Peterbilt Semi Tractor Posted: 5/11/2019
Buyer: Bradford Greene
Phone: 239-910-6441
1995-2012 Mechanically sound Heavy duty, full locking diff, 3rd axle. Looks not as important.
i buy groups of trucks 1 to 100 all types Posted: 5/9/2019
Buyer: Dennis Goodlett
Phone: 205 504 2808
pay in 24 hours call me or email
Mack Tractors Posted: 5/8/2019
Buyer: Jeff Burkhart
Phone: 8655485861- 573-722-5000
50 +2000-2007 Tandem axles sleeper and day cabs. Wholesale only.
5600-6000 gal two comp. fertilizer trailer Posted: 5/7/2019
Buyer: GLENN Guenther
Phone: 513-738-0262
Center drop - Manholes close together
Peterbilt day cab, 6x4, 2013 newer, NO Paccar Posted: 5/7/2019
Buyer: Denny Summerville
Phone: (814) 651-3272
looking to purchase a semi truck Posted: 5/6/2019
Buyer: miguel reyes
Phone: 9164172201
i want to purchase a semi truck possible with less than 600k miles and in good condition , that will take a down payment of 20k and possibly monthly payments
Looking for all steel, spring ride flatbeds Posted: 5/2/2019
Buyer: Kellen N
Phone: 779-435-0437
Need (3) stacks of 3, all steel flatbeds 45-48ft in length. 96 or 102 wide. Spring Ride and sliding tandem only Late 90's early 2000's models will work. looking for groups if possible FOB MIDWEST
XPO is willing to hire if I have my own tractor Posted: 5/1/2019
Buyer: Hernesto Lawford
Phone: 6785885685
mobile home mover truck Posted: 4/30/2019
Buyer: Regina Fowler
Phone: 2075652335
2019 Chevrolet 2500HD 4WD Crewcab White Posted: 4/28/2019
Buyer: Daniel Meyer
Phone: 920-209-9030
Want to buy 26000 gvwr medium with integrated boom Posted: 4/23/2019
Buyer: Mike Swant
Phone: 7152968443
Need a longer under reach than my Vulcan has
Looking for a used 55 ton tri axle lowboy Posted: 4/17/2019
Buyer: Jeff McConnachie
Phone: 810-404-9504
preferably less than $30,000
1993 to 1995 completely rebuilt 3406c coml Posted: 4/12/2019
Buyer: Timothy Dickerson
Phone: 864-376-1839
or head
hino 155.185. box with lift gate Posted: 4/11/2019
Buyer: rudolf samandarov
Phone: 9174345000
no older then 2016 and newer
freightliner Posted: 4/9/2019
Buyer: lee goodridge
Phone: 4792644399
Purchasing Damaged/Mechanical Medium/Heavy Trucks Posted: 4/8/2019
Buyer: Aaron Demaree
Phone: 317-775-5661
VIN, Mileage, Condition, Images and Location for quote.
2014 OR LATER VOLVO 780 500HP 1SHIFT UNDER 500K MI Posted: 4/7/2019
Phone: 928-380-1828
Need to buy tractor 6 speed transmission Posted: 4/5/2019
Buyer: Victor Valdez
Phone: 6312050022
Freightliner, Sterling, inter , etc single axle, very important has to be 6 speed manual transmission
Truss Stretch Roll-off trailer Posted: 4/2/2019
Buyer: Juan Aredondo
Phone: 5204502813
Looking to buy 1-2 Truss Stretch Roll-off trailer
Friethliner day cab Posted: 3/31/2019
Buyer: Mario San Miguel
Phone: 9567640945
Cascadia Century Columbia 2010 a 2012
53' dry Great Dane Trailer Used Late Model Posted: 3/26/2019
Buyer: Daniel Ford
Phone: 774-266-7934
Must haves include Spring Suspension. Ideal will have Disc Brakes (Drum possible if necessary). Great/Excellent condition
Kenworth T800 Dump Truck Posted: 3/25/2019
Buyer: Breanna Stippich
Phone: 208-267-5460
1999-2007, tri-axle, min 400 hp, high lift tailgate, no air suspension
Mack Pinnacle CXU613 Posted: 3/23/2019
Buyer: Ismail Adesina
Phone: 7134898910
looking for (10) 2012 to 2013 Mack Pinnacle CXU613 miles to be less than 700K, Automatic Transmission preferably