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New and Used Commercial Truck Dealers by State

Whether you're looking for a sleeper truck in Alabama, a tanker truck in Hawaii, a flatbed truck in Arizona, or anything in between, there are a wide variety of commercial truck dealerships to meet your needs. Some only sell used trucks, while others have a variety of new and used trucks on the lot. There are many reasons to purchase your commercial trucks from a licensed dealership rather than a private party.

Knowledgeable Sales Staff

Many commercial truck dealerships only hire staff that has experience in the trucking industry. They may be former drivers, dispatchers, fleet managers or company owners. They will be happy to answer your questions about the vehicles you are considering, and many of them will offer advice and share their experiences in the field with you. They may help you avoid pitfalls or offer suggestions that you hadn't considered, so don't be afraid to ask for advice on choosing the right trucks, trailers or equipment for your hauling needs. This information is especially valuable if you are new to the trucking industry or are growing your business and hauling types of loads that you have never hauled before.

Variety on the Lot

Another reason to purchase a truck from a commercial truck dealer is the variety of trucks you'll find on each lot. Dealerships often have trucks from Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, International, Volvo, Ford and other top manufacturers. Test driving trucks from several manufacturers is a good idea, even if you go to the dealership with a strong preference in mind. Each make and model is a little different, so driving several of them will help you be sure that the trucks you buy are the best fit for your drivers and the loads you will be hauling.


Perhaps the best reason to purchase from a commercial truck dealership is that you can easily search for reviews and find a dealership with a great reputation. Not every dealership is honest and forthcoming about the commercial trucks on their lot. Trucks can start having mechanical issues at any time, but a good dealership will inspect every truck before it is placed for sale and let the buyer know about any potential issues that they have seen.

Commercial Truck Dealerships Across the United States

There are large and small truck dealerships located in every state. Some of the larger dealerships such as Arrow Truck Sales, SelecTrucks, MHC and Penske Used Trucks have dealership locations in multiple states throughout the U.S. Many commercial truck dealerships will also ship trucks to locations in the U.S. and all over the world. You can search the inventory at each dealership individually or use the search feature to choose the features you're looking for in a truck and see which dealerships have trucks that meet your needs.