Need A Truck Stop? There's an App for That!

May 8, 2014

Truck Stop App

Truck stops have always been a place where you could fill up your tank and your belly. But today's truck stops also offer everything from chiropractors to live music! How do you find truck stops with special services?

Check out these handy apps:

  • Truck Stops & Travel Plazas Android and iPhone apps by Allstays. Download from iTunes or Google Play for $9.99. Designed specifically for long-haul truckers, this long-running and constantly-updated app accurately locates thousands of truck stops and motels with truck parking. Details on each site are clearly spelled out and can be filtered to find specific services. Comments and ratings from other truckers are informative. But the additional resources on this app are what have made it a top choice of professional long-haulers. In addition to truck stop services, the app includes locations/information about CAT scales, bulk DEF dispensers, low clearances, road grades, runaway truck ramps, Walmart parking, truck dealers, truck washes, state highway rules and much more.
  • Truck Stops Pro Android app by AppAvenger. Download from Google Play for $4.99. Another top-rated truck stop app, this app also locates rest areas, weigh stations, CAT scales, Blue Beacon and overnight parking. Updates haven't been as frequent on this app, but it was updated in March.
  • Big Truck Stops Android app by Allstays. Download free from Google Play. This is Allstays' free version of its truck stop app. You get the truck stop info of their paid app but lose the helpful truck resource and state highway data. We recommend trying the free version first to see how you like the set up. If it works for you, fork over the $10 bucks and get all the bells and whistles.

There are hundreds of apps for truckers available today. The few popular apps we've noted above are just the tip of the iceberg. Let your fellow truckers know which apps you'll found most helpful and which ones are duds. Post a comment today and share your favorite trucking apps.

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