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Fleet Truck Sales Packages

We help companies transition to online sales to achieve higher returns by selling directly to Fleet Truck buyers. As a result, our clients realize a 20% to 40% increase in return when is used for the sale of used equipment. How? Our full featured ads enjoy real time exposure all month long to a large pool of buyers for one low monthly cost.

We Offer 3 Easy Ways Up To Put Your Equipment Online Single Ads

Thousands of buyers view our site daily looking for trucking equipment. When it comes to selling trucks, trailers...

Buy 10 Ads

Use them at any time
All 10 ads run until sold

Buy Unlimited Listings

Rich Featured Ads
Email Slideshows
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Sell Online with Confidence

How are we so sure we'll boost your return? Just ask our customers. Across the board trucking companies are finding big payoffs in online advertising. Thousands of listings and business growing daily proves the online sales boom isn't coming to the trucking industry, it's already here. Let us show you how will work to increase your returns. See TransAm Trucks here or J&R Schugels trucks and trailers for sale here!

About online selling

Many leading fleets are marketing their trucks, trailers, and parts online. Aside from the benefit of higher returns from used equipment, sellers agree that leads generated from the internet are up to three times more likely to buy. Internet savvy buyers have more money and are more motivated to purchase. Furthermore, this large pool of internet buyers is growing rapidly. Today the trucking company with an online presence is reaping big rewards.