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DM Bowman Used Truck Sales

Hagerstown, MD

Currently, there are no DM Bowman Used Truck Sales for sale. The following have all been sold...

Currently, all of these units have been sold. Perhaps you can still find what you are looking for here... !


Anyone that has spent time on the road knows how important that maintenance is to a truck. Some of the top truck mechanics in the transportation industry are employed by DM Bowman Truck Sales to maintain the trucks that are acquired for sale and trucks that are sold to customers. Bowman provides the peace of mind that every truck sold comes with low miles, a warranty and expert maintenance to ensure that quality and performance are never compromised. When you buy trucks from Bowman, you are not only getting a great deal but also a long-term partner.


Part of what sets DM Bowman Truck Sales apart from others in the trucking industry is the huge inventory of trucks available. It is easy to search the available inventory to find the truck that you need. An experienced and helpful sales staff makes it effortless to make purchases or arrive onsite to view trucks in person. Financing is provided by Bowman to take the hard work and stress out of qualifying for a truck that you want to buy. Approval is completed quickly to shorten the time required to get you into a DM Bowman truck.


Two convenient locations in Hagerstown, MD and Somerset, PA provide you with in person access to the DM Bowman Truck Sales lots. Calling toll free at 1-877-269-6261 will put you through to experienced staff that will guide you through the ordering process. DM Bowman provides additional inventory from time to time including bulk tanks, flats, pup and van trailers to offer customers a large variety of trucks and related items at reasonable prices.