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Every trucker has a story to tell about being on the road. From the good times to the bad times, and even the funniest and most hilarious times, there's a trucking story out there that will trip your trigger.

If you are new to the trucking business, or as they say, a "newbie," you may want to know, first hand, what being on the road is like. Sure, a good trucking story will always be a delight to read, but practical information on the why's and wherefore's of trucking, in general, could come in handy on those long hauls.

Of course, one of the best places to get that kind of info, or even other places to check out, is right here at Trucker to Trucker.

  • Trucking Truth -- This is one of the premiere blogs about learning how to be a truck driver, trucking schools, job info and stories behind the wheel in both a truckers forum and a truckers blog.
  • HDT Trucking Info -- You'll get a lot of news and views here, almost all of it written just like you would. From funny stories, real world perspectives and just all around good reading and valuable information, check this site out.
  • Life As A Trucker -- There are tons of things to look at here. Some of the categories are New Driver Tips, How to Get Experience, Women in Trucking, Trucker Interviews and a great blog, among a host of other categories. If you just want a one-stop-shop, this is the place to go.

When in Doubt

For a simple singular generic search to find a variety of useful trucking blogs, that any "newbie" will certainly appreciate, just punch "trucking blogs" into your favorite search engine, or click that link, and go from there.

Hey, for the best in news, information or even selling your rig, hook up with Trucker to Trucker on the Net. We'll steer you right, every time.

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