Wanted: 5.6 Million New Truck Drivers

Calling All Truckers

Here is a strange fact for all of you semi truck drivers out there. At 5.6 percent unemployment, the United States has one of the lowest unemployment rates in decades.

Now, say what you will about any political party candidate, and in this election year that might be pretty important, but America is certainly on the move and in the right direction. The problem here lies in the fact that most of the jobs available are in the skilled labor faction. AND, skilled labor means truck drivers!

50,000 Jobs

Right now, it is estimated that there are over 50,000 truck driving jobs available. Over the course of the next couple of years, what with the coming of the new ELD mandate and retirees, there may be as many as 75,000 to 100,000 semi truck drivers jobs, and supporting personnel positions, that are available.

No other employment sector in the U.S. can say that about the opportunities that are ahead.

Believe It or Not ...

The majority of the population believes that driving a semi truck is easy. Heck, anyone can do it, and therein lies the problem to these huge unemployment numbers.

Anyone CANNOT do it, this is a very skilled position that must be learned from a qualified truck driver training facility. And because you need to have professional driving skills in order to be certified, not everyone is equal to the task.

Get the Word Out

If someone wants a quality job, making $50,000 per year and potentially much much more, there is an employment opportunity waiting for them. It's called a semi truck driver, and if ever there was a time to be a truck driver, now is the time.

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