ATA Predicts Increase to Trucker's Pay Due to Driver Shortage

December 29, 2015

Get Ready For More Money

Once again, truck driver wages are in the semi truck driver news. With the prediction that over 175,000 driving jobs are going tom open up over the course of the next 10 years, the trucking industry is beginning to increase drivers pay to lure more people into the world of truck driving.

Median Income

The overall average median income of a truck driver, as of today, stands at about 38,000 bucks. Wages are a bit more for over-the-road drivers, and independents make about 60 grand per year. That's not so bad considering that the median income of the average worker in the U.S. comes to about 27,000 dollars per year.

The Demand is Up

But now, with the demand for truck drivers going up, with an expected shortage of nearly 50,000 drivers by the end of the 2015 calender year, wages and bonuses are also going to be climbing as well. The boom in business, combined with normal retirement rates, means that there is still a shortage of drivers, and companies are doing everything they can to rectify this situation.

The Boom

The trucking boom of the last several years may finally be tapering off, but truck drivers still remain in hot demand. And although record amounts of applicants have been applying for jobs, a report by the American Trucking Association, or ATA said, "The vast majority of applicants � 88 percent in 2012, according to the report � were simply not qualified," the report said.

So, the jobs are out there waiting to be filled, and if anyone ever wanted to be a truck driver, now is the time to act for the best wages and bonuses that have ever been featured.

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