Team Drivers to Get a $5,000 Signing Bonus with Werner Enterprises

October 1, 2015

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If you have been a fan of Trucker to Trucker, you know that the OTR truck business is booming! It is so good right now that companies don't have enough drivers for the freight to haul. That is a win-win situation if you are an independent looking for more work, or if you are breaking into the business and are looking for available over-the-road jobs.

In either case, now is the time to pick and choose who and where you want to drive, and the options have never been better. Check this out.

Werner's $5000 Dollar Bonus

Although there are several companies that are recruiting needed drivers to haul freight, and among them are J.B. Hunt, Swift Transportation and others, Werner Enterprises tops the cake by throwing out a $5,000 dollar signing bonus!

When this offer was initially posted, there were about 100 positions to fill there, but trust me on this, that kind of deal is not going to last very long. You'll have to get them while the gettin's good, and if you snooze, you lose.

Werner is one of the most respected and recognized names in the trucking business, so this could be a dream job for anyone who gets it. This is a "team driver" position, where two drivers share the duties and can, therefore, cover more ground than just a one driver rig.

Veterans Paid Apprenticeship

This can be an especially lucrative deal for a G.I. Vet. Werner will pay for their apprenticeship at a trucking school, at no cost to them. And that's probably the best way to thank any G.I. for service to their country. So if you are a vet and you want to be a trucker, now is the time.

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