Virginia Doctor Tends Truckers on Their Schedule and Builds His Practice at the Same Time

Truck Stop Medical

When you call the road home as much as truckers do, getting medical attention can be exceptionally difficult. One dedicated doctor in rural Virginia is fixing that with an innovative new medical practice at a truck stop.

Dr. Rob Marsh tends to truckers' basic medical needs on a walk-in basis. The practice also caters to the schedule of truckers with hours extending to 8 p.m. or later.

Marsh's small clinic gives truckers have a convenient solution for all those clinic appointments that are tough to schedule while you're on the road: physicals to satisfy DOT requirements, flu shots, and injury exams.

Drivers can also get their random drug tests satisfied at Marsh's clinic. If you've ever had to park your heavy-duty truck somewhere for a surprise drug test, you know that the logistics are difficult. Testing at a drug stop makes the process as convenient as possible.

Trucker Healthcare from a Decorated Veteran

Dr. Marsh seems to understand the trucker lifestyle because he's a tough and independent person himself. He's been named the "Country Doctor of the Year," but that's far from his biggest honor.

Marsh is also a recipient of a Purple Heart, a Legion of Merit, two Bronze stars, and other military accolades. When he was in the U.S. Special Forces, Marsh survived the combat depicted in the film Black Hawk Down. He spent 8 years providing medical services to Army Rangers and other military in Somalia.

Pretty inspiring story, wouldn't you say? The next time you're driving along the East Coast, pull over at the TA Petro truck stop off of I-81. You can fill up, eat up, and get a checkup from Dr. Marsh. Soon, the stop plans to add a laundromat, barbershop and more.

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