Why I Love Being a Truck Driver - Is This Your Story Too?

February 10, 2015

Love For Truck Driving

What is it about being a truck driver that is so alluring? Is it the open spaces, freedom of the road, opportunity to see new places and meet interesting people along the way, working for yourself, or do you just yearn for an adventure every time you turn on the ignition and take to the highways and byways?

Whether you're hauling locally around the state or making your way across country, like any other job, there are obstacles to overcome but with trucking, the obstacles may be miles and miles apart. Things that you might encounter are finding the best fuel prices or where to find the best truck stops for a good night's sleep.

Along with being organized and capable of spending hours on end alone with only yourself for company, you also need to acclimate your body to the roller coaster schedule of trucking. One way to help is determining the best legal hours for trucking that allows you to make your delivery, get a new load, and still manage enough sleep that you aren't feeling like a zombie.

If a trucking career is on your radar, here are a few things to ponder while you're making up your mind

  • You'll get to see a lot of large and small cities up-close and personal. This includes the high-end areas as well as areas that aren't in the best of condition
  • Depending on your route and time of year, be prepared for changing climates from miles of desert landscape to miles of asphalt in major cities
  • Lots of alone time
  • Adjusting to odd hours and still be safe and efficient
  • Long periods away from home
  • Accepting that over the road trucking is not for everyone

If you're considering the life of a trucker and want to know more about buying, selling, financing, and deals on trucks, trailers, parts, and equipment, visit us at TruckertoTrucker.com for plenty of helpful information.

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