The Value of Using Our Ads to Sell Your Semi Truck

The Value Of Our Ad's

When you're looking to sell your semi truck, you want a resource for truck advertising that's going to be inexpensive, but effective. Unfortunately, those are hard to find. However, when you take advantage of the options available at, you'll find plenty of reasons to place your ad with us.


When it comes to finding a great price for truck advertising, ours just can't be beat. You can place your ad for less than $20. You also get plenty of features with your ad that can help you sell it even faster. Best of all, these features are all included in this one flat rate.


What makes an effective ad? When your ad has a prominent position on a website, that can certainly help. It's also helpful when you have enough space to add the right amount of text and pictures. When you advertise with us, we'll feature your ad on our homepage so more people have the opportunity to see it. We'll also give you plenty of room to describe your truck's details and you can add up to thirty-six pictures. That's almost unheard of! However, in our experience, these are the features that get trucks sold quickly, so we offer them.

Website Traffic

A great ad is nothing without website traffic, and our site receives millions of visitors every single month. Many of them are looking to buy a truck just like yours. With so much website traffic consistently checking out your ad, it's easy to see how you'll have a better chance of selling it quickly, wouldn't you say?

Sounds like a pretty great deal, doesn't it? The best part is that your ad stays put right on our website until you sell your semi truck. That means you don't have to worry about paying more relisting fees. Thousands of truckers have sold their semi trucks on our site, so why shouldn't you be next? Get your truck sold today!

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