Trucker to Trucker Tips: Five Summer Truck Driving Tips - Keepin' Cool!

Summer Trucking Tips

Yes, we know that truckers are already "cool," and that can't be disputed. But keepin' cool is an entirely different matter in and of itself. Long hours on hot summer asphalt does not make for cool and comfort, which also cannot be disputed, but there are certain things you can do to keep your cool while remaining "cool," every time you drive.


Water, and water based drinks are natures natural cooling cure, and whether your drink it in bottles, in mixes or commercial thirst quenchers, take in lots of fluids.

Water makes you sweat, and perspiration whisks away the heat from your body better than anything else. Sure, your cab is air conditioned, but at some point, you are going to load or unload your rig, do inspections and/or routine maintenance, and that means working outside in the heat of the day. So stay hydrated, get plenty of fluids and be cool.


Even on the road you can stop at many truck stops and take a quick shower. Soothing cool water always takes the edge off of a hot sticky day.


A farmers tan on your left arm can also turn into a painful sunburn. Put on some sunscreen before you hang your arm out the cab window and avoid painful burning hot sunburn.

Loose Fitting Clothes

Ditch the leather, tight fitting jeans and flannel for lighter weight apparel made of natural cotton, like baggy cargo pants and oversized shirts. Cotton whisks moisture off your skin and allows it to evaporate, making you feel cooler with every movement.

Night Driving

If possible, limit your driving in the heat of the day and drive at night. Not having the sun heating up the road always means cooler temperatures, wherever you drive.

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