Truck Tonnage Jumps to New All Time High Levels

November 10, 2015

The Trucking Boom

Unless you have been in hibernation for the past few months, you know that one of the big news items across the board is the big trucking boom. With this boom comes jobs aplenty, and some trucking companies, and even sates, are giving grants, stipends and free schooling to get more truck drivers on the road.

Tonnage Index

Of course, everyone has been talking about it, but what may be the most interesting part are the actual tonnage index numbers over the past few months. As a base number, the highest ever tonnage index was achieved last January when the index equaled 135.8 (2000=100)

During the summer months, June recorded a 131.1, and July's tonnage was 135.3, gaining a 3.1 percentage increase over June. August pegged 134.2, which comes in at a .9 percent decrease, but September posted a 135.1 index, which was an increase over August by .7 percent.

Yearly Tonnage Index

Over the course of this past year, from September of 2014 to September of 2015, there has been an overall increase of tonnage moved by 3.4 percent. 2014 saw an overall tonnage gain over 2013 by 3.4 percent, and 2013 gained 5.5 percent over 2012.

Walking the Walk

As you can see, the trucking boom, over the past few years, is not a pipe dream. It is based on actual facts about tonnage being moved, and it has grown yearly by the figures presented. Although at some point this kind of growth has got to level off, as of October 2015, American Trucking Associations' Chief Economist Bob Costello said that we should see freight volumes increase in the coming months. Not only is he talking the talk, but the figures prove that the trucking industry is walking the walk.

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