Will a Program Like Celadon's WageLock Be In Your Next Benefits Package?

New Trucker Benefits

You've gotta like what Celadon Trucking is doing right now. Considered one of the largest and progressive transportation and logistics companies in North America, Celadon is turning truck drivers wages and truck drivers apps, into a "feel good" situation on both counts. Let's go into the wages first.


Called the WageLock Pay Program, this allows truckers to get paid, up to $1,000 dollars per week, even if they drive only limited miles. The better your driver status, the higher the payout, even if you don't get the miles for any given week.

Essentially this is a "thank you" gesture by Celadon for drivers that have put in quality time with the company, over the long haul, and if a situation comes up where there isn't any freight available, they will still be compensated a decent wage.

WageLock helps on two levels. One, even if there is no work, you'll still get paid. Two, always getting paid consistently keeps a driver satisfied, and satisfied drivers are less likely to jump ship and look for work elsewhere. That, my friends, is one beautiful way to keep experienced drivers on the payroll.


The FleetWire mobile app is designed to keep a driver in-touch with home base on many different levels. News from the company, safety info, training tips, and carrier messages can all be accessed with this one ingenious app. In the works are load tendering workflow, and the ability to see pre-planned loads among others.

November 1st

Both of these services are planned to launch on November 1st, and they will revolutionize the way that Celadon does business.

The industry, as a whole, will take note, and maybe, just maybe, a program like WageLock and FleetWire might be in your next benefits package.

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