Top Five List: Best and the Worst States for Small Trucking Companies

March 22, 2016

Best and Worst in Trucking

2015 was another banner year for the trucking industry, with over 700 billion dollars in revenue for the year. But even though these are some serious boom times for the industry, as a whole there are some states that aren't as good as others when you are an owner/operator of small trucking companies or just a driver.

Here's a quick list, from Merchant Cash U.S.A., who surveyed more than 3000 individuals in the trucking industry, using either social media or emails, to get some very interesting info. These are the results of the survey that they conducted.

Best states to own a small trucking company or be a driver:

  1. Tennessee

  2. Washington

  3. Oklahoma

  4. Texas

  5. Indiana

Worst states to own a small trucking company or be a driver:

  1. California

  2. Virginia

  3. Ohio

  4. New Jersey

  5. Massachusetts

Rising Costs

Granted, 2015 was the best year ever for trucking profits and payrolls, but it also was the most expensive year for maintenance, parts and upkeep costs. Those rising costs generally cost more in the 5 worst states than the 5 best states, making it more difficult to keep owner-operator or fleet trucks on the road.

Usually, banks and other traditional lending institutions helped out small trucking companies with loans for general maintenance, repairs or even adding a new vehicle when needed.

But in these more modern times, many of those lenders are no longer giving business loans that are less than 200,000 dollars. Which is why Merchant Cash U.S.A. completed this survey, because they will give business loans for that amount, and less, and that will allow these smaller trucking businesses to breathe a little easier knowing that funding is still readily available.

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