Getting a Commercial Truck Driving License in Pennsylvania Got a Little Harder

February 4, 2016

A New Barrier to Becoming a Trucker

We are always trying to bring you the latest in semi truck driver news, and here's is something that may be a bit interesting, especially if you are from the Pennsylvania area.

Back in 2011, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandated that commercial truck drivers pass a more comprehensive set of road test requirements, including a more accurate proof of identity, proof of residency and a road test that requires more physical space for driving. They gave states 3 years to implement changes in their testing procedures, and added an extra year for those that were having difficulties complying.

Pennsylvania Truck Testing Blues

No, that's not a new hit country song by Willie Nelson, that's the actual state of affairs for testing drivers in Pennsylvania. It seems that, although there are plenty of drivers submitting the correct information and waiting to take their road tests, only 12 of the 40 commercial license road test sites in the state, have built a larger physical road testing facility for testing big rigs.

Wait Times = 6 Weeks, or Longer

With the trucking industry boom, and the need for more drivers, there is currently a 6 week wait, if not longer, at some testing facilities. Under normal conditions this my not have been an issue, but drivers are in desperate need to supplement those drivers that are soon to be retiring, and the ongoing call for drivers to move freight.

Although nothing can be done about this until more facilities are ready, if you are planning to apply for a trucking job in Pennsylvania, get it done sooner rather than later, and you'll save a lot of the headaches waiting in line.

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