Tired, Need Rest But No Parking Spots - What to Do?

August 20, 2015

The Need For Sleep!

As truckers, we've all been here. You're driving down the road, and the need to sleep comes over you. Coffee is no longer helping, and the only way to beat your tired eyes is to go to sleep.

Now, if you are near a truck stop, that's not a problem. Pull off the road, find a place to park and get some shut-eye. But if you are in unfamiliar territory, or there just isn't a truck stop to be found, then what can you do?

Alternatives You Can Use

  • Wally World, and many other large department stores, allow truckers to park their rigs to get some sleep, day or night. If you are near a town, this is a good place to stay.
  • Many weigh stations have designated areas for truckers to pull over and rest.
  • State funded interstate waysides generally have large parking areas for truckers.
  • Police stations and court houses. You may have to ask permission, but as long as it is just overnight parking, you'll be allowed to rest there until morning.

Truck Apps

Many truck stop apps will give you directions to rest areas in your neck of the woods. These may be truck stops, dedicated trucking rest areas, or places that allow truckers to park. You may have to drive a little to get there, but finding some place that is safe and secure where you can put up for a few hours of sleep, will be well worth the effort.

Of course, if you know the route you'll be driving, take a little time to map out rest areas ahead of time. That way, you'll know exactly where it is and how far up the road you'll need to travel for a little nitey-nite down time.

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