Are You Having Trouble Finding a Place to Park Your Semi Between Hauls? Some Cities Are Imposing Limits

Where To Park

Where To Park

It’s no secret that one of the challenges many truck drivers face is finding a place to park their semis between loads. Even when you’re loaded, you have to abide by the strict regulations that are set forth by the DOT, and when it’s time to park, you have to park. Breaking the rules or altering your logbook can cause fines for your company, as well as problems for your license.

Even so, some cities are starting to impose limits on where semis can park. An article in the Hermiston Herald talks about the limits the city of Stanfield, Oregon is putting into place, and you can bet that similar limits are soon to be in place all over the country.

According to the article, two roads in particular – Coe Avenue and Highway 395 – used to be available for truckers to park for any period of time. Going forward, trucks will be able to park on Coe Avenue, but only if there are no trailers hooked to them. Trucks can also park on Highway 395, but there will be a two-hour time limit enforced. Other parking sites are opening up in Stanfield, but each of them are going to require a truck parking permit.

Officials stated that the city is going to open a parking lot specifically for trucks, but the council has not decided whether or not to impose a fee to park in the lot. A fee would help to cover the cost of the lot, but it would place a greater burden on truck drivers who need to find a place to park in order to be within DOT regulations.

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  1. Thomas Blessing says:

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