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A Healthy Trucker

When you're on the road, being healthy can sometimes take a back seat. You're sitting in the truck for hours at a time, unable to get much exercise and a lot of that time is spent snacking or eating fast food because it's quick and convenient. But, if you want to be a healthier, happier truck driver, TheHealthyTrucker,net is helpful resource for you and your family. Their team includes industry experts to offer you advice in different area, calling themselves your co-driver for the "fitness of mind, body & wallet."

Here are some of the tips they offer:

  • Five movements to help end back pain in truck drivers: With a video to show how to do each of these and a guide to know how to do it, why to do and how many to do, the movements are: Back bends, front bends, side bends, knees up and neck stretch
  • Four stretches to reduce neck pain: With accompanying pictures, these stretches are: Neck stretch 1, up & down stretch, side to side stretch, and side pushes
  • Five of the healthier alternatives in fast food: Showing nutritional values with each choice, this article shows selections from: McDonald's, Subway's, Burger, Starbucks, and Taco Bell. They include fast-food rules to live by, such as, avoid fried sides, don't drink your calories and beware of condiment calories
  • Ten tips to stay healthy on the road: Get adequate sleep, eat healthy, quit smoking, manage diabetes, stay up to date on vaccines, drink a lot of water, exercise more, reduce stress, take a vacation, and spent time with loved ones. The articles explains why each of these are important
  • Two interval training routines to burn calories: With instructions as well as benefits of interval training, this gives the details for jogging and strength interval training

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