Tennessee Trucking: Watch Out for Those GPS Directions to Back Roads!

Watch Those GPS Units On Back Roads

You are an over-the-road trucker and you rely on your GPS to get you where you need to go. They have been one of the most welcome additions to trucking since the CB radio, they have saved many miles and many hours of drive time, but sometimes the best way to go is not always the GPS way to go.

Epps Mill Road

Take, for example, the Epps Mill Road situation. This is a small back road outside of Murfeesboro, Tennessee, that will, potentially, get you to the local Wally World Distribution Center faster than taking the Interstate. However, what a GPS won't tell you is that this road is not made for heavy haulers, it is narrow, the shoulders are soft and the turns are not 18 wheel friendly.

The result is that when two trucks are going the opposite way, one or the other has to move over, and if you go a little bit too far, there could be a major issue by going off the road or worse, tipping over. These accidents are becoming more frequent, and they are also becoming a serious headache for local authorities.

Experience Counts

Experienced truckers know their way around the area, so regardless of what the GPS says, those professionals always take the interstate. Sure, you might save a smidgen of time going down the back road, but it isn't worth the hassle or the potential accident that may be waiting around the next bend.

In any situation where you might be delivering to an address you have never been before, talk to those that know the route and the area before trusting your GPS. Word of mouth, in this case, always trumps the electronic "word of mouth" from your GPS unit.

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