Old Pros Should Be Mentoring Young Drivers

May 7, 2015

Old Pros Should Mentor The Young Drivers

In this world, everything seems to be a competition. Who is the biggest, the best and the fastest wins. We forget the value of qualities like wisdom and experience. And we certainly let too many opportunities for guidance and compliments go by. This is something that can change in our industry. Those of you who are veteran drivers can and should be mentoring the younger, rookie drivers.

In an article published in Today's Trucking, Rolf Lockwood tells the story of his friend Mike, who recently passed away. With over 25 years in the trucking industry, Rolf tells of the ways in which Mike was involved in the industry, active in many trucking organizations including Trucker Buddy International pen-pal program and New Aftermarket Leaders of Tomorrow. Being involved in this way gave Mike the opportunity to be in contact with many people, allowing many chances for mentoring and encouraging, which Rolf mentions Mike was a big proponent of.

The question is, how do you act?

Veteran drivers, what can you teach younger drivers? Do you snicker and ridicule the rookie who can't back up? Walk over to him and offer to help. Do you tell those who are under you that they've done a good job when they deserve it? Maybe that's exactly what they need to hear. Are you the boss or owner of the company, dependent on your drivers to bring home the bacon? How often do you pat them on the back and tell them they're appreciated?

Rookie driver, what can you learn from veteran drivers? Do you act like you know everything, but really have a lot to learn? When is the last time you asked a veteran driver for help or even just thanked him for the wisdom he has?

Rolf calls this Mike's rule. If we all adopted this, the world might be a more pleasant place.

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