Fitness Guru Monitors Truckers Fitness for Prime Inc's Drivers

May 19, 2015

Fitness Guru's are Watching

Most semi truck driver news involving health focuses on sleep issues, but truck driving can also take a toll on drivers' physical fitness as well. Drivers spend a good part of their workdays sitting behind the wheel, keeping irregular hours and relying on convenient fast food places for meals.

Thanks to the work of swim champion and Ironman triathlete Siphiwe Baleka, drivers at a major trucking company are getting regular feedback on their health and fitness levels. Baleka tracks this info for Prime Inc., a company that specializes in long-haul trucking. Baleka's work is an important part of ensuring that truckers maintain healthy weight levels, since many are at risk of becoming obese.

The fitness guru started the Driver Health and Fitness (DHF) program at Prime, which encourages drivers to get out of their trucks and move around more during their hauls. Baleka focuses on making fitness simple and convenient for truckers. They're not required to lug around exercise equipment or find time to visit local gyms. Instead, these drivers wear fitness-tracking armbands and use apps that send fitness data back to Baleka. They also keep track of how much physical activity they're getting on the road and log all of their meals, which helps Baleka analyze their nutrition and fitness levels and offer feedback as needed.

The DHF program, which focuses on fitness and nutrition, lasts for 13 weeks and includes a one-day orientation. Many of Prime's drivers say that the lessons they learn during the program stay with them for the long run, allowing them to reduce their risk of obesity and stay in shape, even while logging long hours on the road. As a result of Baleka's work, Prime Inc. was recognized as the healthiest company of the year in 2014.

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