5 Healthy Alternatives to Caffeine

March 26, 2015

The Alternatives

Over-the-road truckers spend long hours traversing and crisscrossing the highways and the byways of America. After endless hours of negotiating through city traffic or seeing the same stretch of pavement, drivers get weary. Add to the fatigue unexpected issues that mean driving longer to meet schedules and it's a situation where driving safety comes into play.

Like millions of people who need to be alert to do a day's or night's work, caffeine is the main source to keep the juices flowing and the motors running. Although it will increase your ability to be more alert and awake, it also has negative side effects, one of which is it is addictive.

Additional side affects when attempting to cut back or stop drinking caffeine-loaded beverages include heightened fatigue levels and severe headaches. On the other end of the spectrum, drinking too much caffeine can result in anxiety attacks and dizziness. None of these situations is something you want to deal with when driving a truck.

To stay healthy by avoiding caffeine, these caffeine alternatives provide what's needed without pumping your system full of negative side effects. Keep in mind your body needs time to adjust to any change in your system. Always check with your doctor before adding these or any other changes to your daily routine.

  • Stretching sends much needed oxygen cells throughout your body. Add an apple to the regimen to give your system a boost.
  • Visit the health food store for teeccino and cafix. These two natural products mimic the flavorful taste of coffee without the side effects
  • Drink a cold glass of water first thing in the morning accompanied by B12 for a double shot to your system
  • Ginseng extract increases blood flow and works as a stimulant
  • Ginkgo bilboa is another herbal extract that increases the flow of blood to the brain

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