Find Out What the King of the Road Survey Says

April 9, 2015

King of The Road

The survey of Atlas Van Lines drivers, also known as the King of the Road Survey, is useful not just to other truck drivers, but to families planning vacations and frequent business travelers. Founded in 1948 and headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Atlas is a private, agent owned company that has about $900 million in revenue each year. Their results to the "mostly scientific and nearly indispensable" survey makes for some interesting reading to anyone who spends much time on the road.

The King of the Road survey

Seventy-nine drivers took part in the survey, representing 31 states. Their results to the good-natured questions are a pretty good representation of the thoughts and opinions of most truck drivers. About 57 percent cite the freedom of the road and not being tied to a desk as the most enjoyable aspects of trucking. The opportunity to meet people from all across the country is another part of the job that most enjoy. Not surprising, 78 percent say their favorite thing to do when not driving is to spend time with family.

Contrary to stereotype

Many people think truck drivers are all middle-aged men with large bellies, hopped up on coffee and constantly looking for love in the wrong places. The survey responses more accurately reflect the views and habits of modern truckers. Did you know that a trucker's favorite snacks are fresh fruit and mixed nuts. Sixty-five percent say eating right is the most challenging part of the job. About 85 percent have interrupted their day to help another motorist.

More controversial

Freightliner took the top spot for best tractor. Kenworth and Peterbilt were second and third respectively. Michelin was voted best tire, followed by Bridgestone and then Goodyear. Subway got the most votes for favorite fast food, Dunkin' Donuts was selected for best coffee, Flying J and Pilot tied for best truck stops.

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