Drive In for Your Checkup - Medical Services Now Being Offered at Many Truckstops

August 11, 2015

Look for new locations where you can get your DOT physical.

If you've been driving big rigs for a long time, you may remember when truck stops were, literally, places for fuel and a cold pop. And if you could find a place that had a couple of showers, you were in a little bit of heaven.

Although you may still find these little stops out in the middle of nowhere, more and more, truck stops are becoming "full service" islands, that feature restaurants, laundry, full service stores and things like tattoo parlors and embroidery shops for custom made hats!

And while this is a good thing, the best part about this may be the fact that increasingly, truck stops are beginning to have medical services, like dentists, chiropractors and licensed doctors at your service.

Stay Healthy and Keep On Truckin'

Medical services like these are a boon to the everyday trucker. Have a tooth ache? Stop in to a truck stop and get it fixed. Have a sore back from sitting too long? Hit up the chiropractor at the next truck stop. Feeling a bit feverish in your cab? The Doc at the truck stop down the road can help you out.

Use a Truck Stop App

While there isn't enough room here to give you a read out of all the truck stops with medical facilities, you can let your smart phone lead the way. The latest truck stop apps can give you detailed information about what to look forward to, medically, at the nearest truck stop up ahead. The services will be offered when you locate a truck stop, and from there, you are on your way.

So, until we get robots to drive, keeping healthy keeps you in the seat, and that's what medical services at truck stops are all about.

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