Another Highway Angel: Trucker Delivers Baby

April 22, 2014

Highway Angel Delivers A Baby

When Canadian trucker Peter Holland stopped for coffee at an Arkansas Denny's one chilly morning last November, he didn't realize he'd be delivering a baby and saving a life and all before breakfast! Holland and fellow trucker Fredrick Robatcek of Minnesota, who assisted with the birth, were recently presented with Highway Angel awards by the Truckload Carriers Association. Holland drives for Challenger Motor Freight of Cambridge, Ontario.

Hey Kido, Welcome to the World!

Holland was picking up a cup of coffee when a very pregnant woman and her sister arrived at Denny's. The woman had gone into labor while visiting family and had stopped to pick up her mother, a restaurant worker, on the way to the hospital. But babies keep their own time schedule and this one wasn't waiting.

With fellow trucker Fredrick Robatcek of Minnesota relaying instructions from the 911 dispatcher, Holland delivered a healthy 10-pound, 4-ounce baby boy. According to a CBC Canada news report, Holland "pushed the baby back inside enough to manipulate the umbilical cord so he could breathe," an act the relieved mother credited with saving her baby's life.

Holland and Robatcek stayed with the mom and baby until the paramedics arrived and took over. Talking to local reporters, the mother thanked the two truckers, saying, "Thanks for being there, and not leaving one minute before or one minute after. Thank you for saving my baby's life."

Two Highway Angels

The two new Highway Angels join hundreds of other North American truck drivers recognized by the Truckload Carriers Association for demonstrating unusual kindness, courtesy and courage on the road. Initiated in 1997, the Highway Angel program is a nice reminder that truckers help countless motorists and travelers every year.

If you need a quick lift, click here to watch the inspiring Highway Angel video sung by Lindsay Lawler. On behalf of the thousands of folks who count on truckers to help them out when things go wrong, would just like to say, "thank you." Stay safe out there.

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