Boot the Home - How to Live Full-Time in Your Truck and Love It

February 12, 2015

Living On The Road

If some of the most enjoyable times of your life have been on the road as a professional truck driver, you are not alone. Truckers are not truly happy with any other vocation. For a small number of truck drivers, the road and their tractor really do become home. They fully transition from having a residence in one particular state to having their truck as headquarters, work space, and dwelling. If you feel that is the right life for you, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Really downsizing

There are going to be some personal possession that you keep, even though you do not take them with you on the road. Self storage or an outbuilding at someone's home can house seasonal clothes and personal keepsakes. Whatever you do take on the road has to be easy to secure so that it does not move about during transit.

Together 24/7

Life together on the road will either strengthen the bonds of a relationship or push two people beyond their tolerance level for one another. This life on the road is a combination of extreme togetherness for the team and of isolation from much of the rest of the world. It is best to make an unflinching analysis of your relationship and temperaments before attempting the full transition.

Laundry and personal hygiene

Shower facilities and laundromats cost a lot when they are your only option and are not longer just an occasional expense. You can stay clean without a full shower every day and will want to carry enough clean clothes to last a few weeks.

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