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Dry Van Trailer Sales

You'll find a long list of new and used Dry Van Trailers for sale here from leading manufacturers like Wabash, Great Dane, Trailmobile, Utility, Fruehauf, and many others. This includes models that are 28' to 53' in length. Use the "Search/Filter" button below to refine your search!

Year   Make   Model City, State Price
Listing# 658907 unit photo 2006 Trailmobile
Call 601-383-8460 Trailer in very good condition. Tires and brakes are ok. Paint fading on the sides. Never wrecked. Has current inspection.
Carthage , MS $10,000
Listing# 666137 unit photo 2017 Hyundai 53' Van
Call Roman Express at 904-210-3333 2017 Hyundai 53' Van Trailer With Swing Doors. Model VC2530152-AJS. Matching Vergin Michelin Tires. Tire Inflation System. Aluminum Wheels. Air Ride. ...........
Orlando, FL $22,950
Listing# 666249 unit photo 2007 Utility 4000DX
Call NTS Trailer services at 630-243-6354 2007 Utility 4000DX Air ride, swing door, Translucent Roof.
Lemont, IL $7,900
Listing# 665311 unit photo 2018 Great Dane Champion CP
Call NTS Trailer services at 630-243-6354 2018 Great Dane Champion CP Mint condition, air ride, swing door, aluminum roof, vents, tire rack
Lemont, IL $23,500
Listing# 666221 unit photo 2006 Wabash 57' Duraplate
Call Lone Star Trailer Services, Inc. at 817-232-9555 2006 WABASH 57X102 DURAPLATE DRY VANS, ALUM ROOF, SWING DOORS, LOGISTICS, SOME HAVE SKIRTS
Fort Worth , TX $9,750
Listing# 633107 unit photo 2007 Utility 4000 D-X
Call Moonlite Truck & Trailers at 260-740-7097 53x102, Airride slider, new swing doors, stainless steel rear frame, logistic posts, metal inside lining between Log posts, aluminum roof, new brakes and brake chamber, low pro 22.5 ...
Avilla, IN $7,200
Listing# 665740 unit photo 2020 Utility 4000D-X DRY VAN W/ BLACK ALUM WHEELS
Listing# 605546 unit photo Stock# 5041 2003 Trailmobile 53'
Call Michigan Truck & Equipment Sales Inc. at 877-243-8717
Grand Rapids, MI $6,500
Listing# 662306 unit photo Stock# 233700 2009 Utility Trailer
Call Arrow Truck Sales at 866-270-3939
Dallas, TX $16,950
Listing# 665257 unit photo 2003 Manac
Call NTS Trailer services at 630-243-6354 Group of 9 53' Dry van trailers Manac, Spring Ride, aluminum Roof 2003 & 2004
Lemont, IL $4,750
Listing# 665073 unit photo Wabash
Call Arch City Trailer at 614-800-6874 (6) 2005-2008 53 ft. cartage/roadworthy dry van semi trailers for sale. PRICE: 2005 - $7500, 2006 - $8500, 2008 - $10000. Wabash Duraplate. Paper spec. Aluminum roof. Swing door. Spr...
Lockbourne , OH $7,500
Listing# 582207 unit photo 53' Roll Door
Call Arch City Trailer at 614-800-6874 (25) 53' roll door semi trailers for sale. Prices starting at $3500. Various makes. Years: 1999-2005. Aluminum roofs. Cartage or storage applications. Capable of passing DOT inspecti...
Lockbourne , OH $3,500
Listing# 664841 unit photo 2008 CIMC Vanguard 53' Vans
Call Trudell Trailer Sales at 651-356-2639 (3) 2008 Vanguard 53'x102" dry vans for sale. Full Galvanized rear frames, A/R, Swing Door, Aluminum roof with 24" O/C Vertical logistics. Please feel free to call or email with any ...
Albertville, MN $9,950
Listing# 662665 unit photo 2004 Utility Airride, Alum roof
Call Direct Trailer Sales of the Carolinas at 678-634-6212 2004 Utility 53x102 swing door trailer. Unit has aluminum roof, hendrickson airride suspension, logistic posts and push button slider assist. Call or email to inspect/purchase
Memphis, TN $5,500
Listing# 663193 unit photo 2006 Wabash Airride duraplate
Call Direct Trailer Sales of the Carolinas at 678-634-6212 2006 Wabash duraplate. 53x102 swing door trailer. Unit is also equipped with logistic posts, airride suspension and ETR trans roof. Trailer has fresh FHWA inspection and is ready to ...
Fort Mill, SC $6,500
Listing# 663194 unit photo 2007 Wabash Airride duraplate
Call Direct Trailer Sales of the Carolinas at 678-634-6212 2007 Wabash duraplate. Trailer is 53x102, swing door, airride, Etr Trans roof, logistic posts and more. All units at this location have current inspections and are ready to work . Ca...
Carlisle, PA $7,500
Listing# 663339 unit photo 2005 Wabash Airride, alum roof van
Call Direct Trailer Sales of the Carolinas at 678-634-6212 Available 2005 Wabash duraplate. Unit is 53x102 swing door trailer. Also equipped with airride suspension, aluminum roof and logistic posts. Unit has current inspection and is freigh...
Grand Rapids, MI $6,250
Listing# 644573 unit photo 2005 Lufkin Dry Van
Call KCN Express LLC at 972-227-8458 This is a 2005 Lufkin, Air- ride trailer with swing doors. It has a tire rack underneath
Lancaster, TX $11,000
Listing# 654437 unit photo 2020 Hyundai Composite
Call NTS Trailer services at 630-243-6354 50 Spring Ride Composite Dry Vans. Side skirts, PSI, top rail protectors.
Lemont, IL $30,250
Listing# 575508 unit photo 2006 Trailmobile
Call NTS Trailer services at 630-243-6354 10 Dry Van's Available. 53', Trailmobile trailers for sale. Hendrickson air ride, Translucent roof w roof runner, Swing doors, Galvanized door frame and ICC bumper, Kick plate 22...
Lemont, IL $8,750
Listing# 540790 unit photo Stock# 61312 2002 Wabash Duraplate
Call NTS Trailer services at 630-243-6354 2002 53' Dry Van. Wabash Duraplate. Aluminum Roof.
Lemont, IL Call
Listing# 517323 unit photo 2000 Wabash Duraplate
Call NTS Trailer services at 630-243-6354 2000 Wabash Duraplate, Roll Door, Spring Ride, 53' Dry Van.
Lemont, IL $3,950
Listing# 498963 unit photo 2006 Great Dane Roll Door
Call NTS Trailer services at 630-243-6354 2006 Great Dane 53' Dry Van, Roll Door, Aluminum Roof Trailer.
Lemont, IL $9,950
Listing# 664207 unit photo 2006 Stoughton
Call NTS Trailer services at 630-243-6354
Lemont, IL $4,800
Listing# 626387 unit photo Stock# CLSTV2280 2005 Wabash 53' Air Ride Plate Van
Fort Worth , TX Call

More Information About Van Trailers

Van trailers are freight hauling trailers that are supported by axles in the rear and a semi truck or tractor in the front. With van trailers, an enclosed freight box sits on top of the trailer frame and accepts big loads that need to travel both short and long distances. When a van trailer is unhooked from the tractor, the weight in front is shifted to a drop down support legs that carry the weight and make the unhooked trailer amazingly stable. Because of their size, van trailers are some of the most common types of trailers utilized for commercial logistics and transport.

Common Van Trailer Uses

Because it's so efficient a hauling system, van trailers haul virtually anything from commercial items like metal and wood material, to consumer items like furnishings and electronics. Dry van trailers run from 28 feet to 53 feet in length and are usually over 8 feet wide. They stand over 8 feet tall. That's a lot of cubic feet of cargo space, but it's not just about the number of cubic feet available. Dry vans come in superior lengths, like the standard 53-footer trailer, so while items that are longer than usual would not be difficult with a dry van trailer, while other styles of trailers couldn't handle it. If a job calls for hauling long beams, gutters or pipes to a work site, long lengths aren't a deal killer. Many items cannot be broken down into shorter lengths, so it's just a matter of finding the right trailer. With dry vans, long lengths are a piece of cake.

What is Unique about Van Trailers?

A van trailer is unique in that it's much easier to maneuver than other trailers. The trailer kingpin rests in a fifth wheel behind a tractor cab and the one pin connection provides a single pivot point to make turning and backing up simple and painless. The single king pin connection means that van trailers are easier to unhook and leave standing independently on supportive swing-down legs. This allows the driver to swap trailers quickly and conveniently.

If you're looking for a standard dry van trailer, you'll find brand names like Stoughton, Strick, Dorsey, Utility and Great Dane at Trucker To Trucker. At lengths up to 53 feet long and 8.5 feet wide, the dry van impresses with air ride suspension and heavy duty tires. The dry van is the picture of stability on the road or resting on its front supports.