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06 February 2019
>> Posted: 06 February 2019 by TruckerJim at 3:47 PM
We lost a great man on 10/10/10 - Our friend George Wilkins passed after a tough battle with cancer.

For those who don't remember George, he always...

Seems George was using a pen name here but his true identity must not be a secret any longer. Clark David Richards aka Colonel Richards will remain in our hearts and minds forever, We miss you George! 
Read his Obituary here

~ Your Cyber Friend Jim and the entire Trucker Crew!
>> Posted: 06 February 2019 by TruckerJim at 3:45 PM

Had a guy send me an email about his power only service today, thought I would share his info. If anyone has ever used him before?..... leave a comment and let us know how he did. Jim

Thomas J. Fay, Trucking
P.O. Box 174  Ross, OH 45061  Fax: 866-857-8133 Cell: 513-520-1542
I can provide a power-only service for your customers that need a trailer picked-up and delivered at a reasonable cost.
Minimum cost of $400
and a mileage rate of $1.65 + FSC
Deliver to 48 states
No Alaska, Canada, or Mexico
All rates are subject to change
based on location and equipment
Transportation fee's are to be paid either on pickup or *delivery.
* upon credit approval.
Thank you.

Thomas Fay
Thomas J. Fay, Trucking

30 November 2010
>> Posted: 30 November 2010 by TruckerJim at 1:33 PM
Texans know how to shop for a nice truck. In fact, the great state of Texas leads all others by a wide margin in truck purchases from 2000-2010. The key to truck shopping is to know where to look after you've decided it's time to trade-in your rattling, dusty truck for that Ford F-350 or GMC Yukon you have been saving for. Shopping for a good commercial truck dealer is even more of a hassle. 

If you live near the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, you should already understand that finding a reliable truck dealer is not as simple as it sounds. The truth is that there are only a handful of reputable dealerships in the north-east Texas region which are known for their service, quality, and fairness. 
An honest truck dealer is as hard to come across as a good, trustworthy mechanic. To make things worse, the recent wave of government auto bailouts has only dropped more blood in the water, and the sharks are starting to circle. So rather than give those shady truck dealers time to pick up the scent, drive over to one of these trusted local truck dealers in the area. 

Bruckner Truck Sales (Amarillo, TX) 

In Texas, it seems like there are more family-operated businesses than cattle, but another well-known family commercial truck dealership located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has risen above the local competition. Bruckner Truck Sales was founded in 1932 by B.M. “Beenie” Bruckner Sr. in Amarillo, TX. The dealership thrives upon a simple business ethic: “hire good people”. Bruckner Truck Sales has the distinction of renting commercial big rigs in addition to selling them. 

Price International Inc. (Tyler, TX) 

Local residents already know that Mr. Larry Price first opened his dealership in 1969. Today Price International Inc., one of the oldest commercial truck dealerships in the state, is still family-owned and operated in Tyler, TX located at 5033 Highway 271 about an hour-long drive south of Dallas-Fort Worth. The saying goes, 'everything is bigger in Texas', and Price International Inc. takes it to heart. The Price family specializes in big rig commercial trucking, flat beds, construction, etc. If sheer size is what you are looking for, make the long drive out to tiny Tyler, TX. 

James Woods Auto Group Inc. 

Two dealerships are better than one. James Woods' 30-year reputation as an honest straight-shooter is well-known in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Woods operates dealerships in Decatur, TX and Denton, TX, pulling customers from both Texas and Oklahoma. Not to be out done by the Price family, James Woods also deals in commercial trucking as well as new and used crew-cab models from all of the major automobile companies like Ford, Toyota, and GMC. 

Sewell Automotive Companies (Dallas, TX) 

Sewell dealerships are primarily located in and around Dallas, TX. Once again, Sewell is family-owned and operated with a business history spanning generations. As you would expect, the Sewell sales expertise handed down from 1911 is second to none. Sewell covers all of the bases when it comes to business: sales, finance, and maintenance. Most Sewell operated dealerships perform body work in-house, as well.
27 July 2010
>> Posted: 27 July 2010 by TruckerJim at 5:23 PM
Boxt Containers is a company that guarantees secure storage for electronics, furniture, merchandising goods, machines or anything else that needs protection from the weather and theft. They offer portable storage for home or commercial items for as long as needed. These 20 foot and 40 foot long containers can be rented or purchased at the lowest prices in the country. Because of their nation wide network they can reach any client quickly. Boxt Containers focuses on four essential points in order to be the leader in the national container industry: • They have integrated the lowest wholesale and retail rental prices to have the lowest in the industry. • A nation wide wholesale and retail sales program that is beneficial to the container suppliers and the buying public. • Focused expansion in the eastern US • Cutting edge IT and accounting systems to manage thousands of containers entering the US yearly. Each client has unique storage requirements that need personal attention. The professional staff at Boxt Containers will help fine the right solution. Rental is available for short term or long term, and the containers will be delivered to the commercial or residential spot quickly. Assistance will be provided for loading the containers. For commercial concerns where records, goods or office equipment need to be stored the containers can be used as temporary cabins or mobile shops. These containers are very versatile and can be customized for individual needs and designed to match different themes and décor. For permanent solutions storage containers can be purchased rather than rented at the guaranteed lowest prices in the nation. The durable, refurbished ISO conex containers are ideal for tool sheds for a landscaping company, emergency response storage for those who live in earthquake, hurricane or flood prone areas, records and file storage to free up office space. They are also useful for guard shacks or snack shacks near construction sites, storage for farm machinery and equipment that is used seasonally, warehouse space near a shop to store overstocked products, feed storage safe from the weather and many other possibilities. Boxt Containers is a company that believes in giving back to the community. The business model that allows them to rent and sell containers at low prices also drives them to give financial support to those in need. They donate 10% or their net profits to philanthropic organizations globally and also welcome suggestions from customers for worthy causes. They are a nation wide company that wants to work with their customers to provide personalized solutions to storage and temporary housing problems. They are committed to giving the lowest price possible to their customers as well as devoting time and resources to those in need.
23 June 2010
>> Posted: 23 June 2010 by TruckerJim at 4:37 PM


Kenworth Truck - By the Numbers

Since 1923, Kenworth has been producing quality trucks. Changing with the times, Kenworth has evolved to meet the demands of the trucking industry, focusing on custom-built vehicles to meet specific needs. The first truck manufacturer to produce diesel vehicles, Kenworth has always been on the cutting edge of large truck production.

In the past ten years, Kenworth's sales figures have reflected the desire of customers to purchase a product that stands for quality and flexibility. Despite fluctuations in the market and trucking industry, Kenworth continues to post strong sales figures and the company continues to retain net value.

The figures for the past ten years reflect various outside influences over the trucking industry in general. Between 2000 and 2006, there was an inflationary climb in prices for all industries, which peaked in late 2006. This was especially true for the trucking industry, which, after the September 11 terrorist attacks, became even more involved in interstate commerce. Further, with fewer people traveling, more goods had to be shipped to local stores, giving the trucking industry a further boost. However, this climb in business came to a halt with the sudden spiking of fuel prices, especially diesel fuel. After that, prices began to plunge as the economy entered a recessionary period, characterized by layoffs and general lack of spending. By 2009, the economy seemed to have reached its lowest point, and is predicted to recover and begin to climb again, beginning this year.

Between 2000 and 2001, Kenworth experienced a dip in sales due to the general market economy. In 2000, Paccar, the parent company producing Kenworth vehicles, posted net sales of $7.5 billion. By 2001, that figure had dropped to $5.6 billion. However, rebounding from the downturn, Kenworth climbed steadily for the next few years: $6.8 billion in 2002, $7.7 billion in 2003, and $10.8 billion in 2004. By 2005, Kenworth had climbed to $13.3 billion, and by 2006 reached net sales of $15.5 billion, over twice its 2000 revenue.

With the economy spiraling downward once again, Kenworth's sales figures began to drop in 2007, posting at $14 billion that year and dropping to $13.7 billion in 2008. Last year, 2009, saw a drastic drop in sales to $7 billion. With the fuel crisis and the general malaise of the economy, sales figures were bound to go down; the good news seems to be that Kenworth has great plans for the future. The introduction in April of the Kenworth T700 and the PACCAAR MX Engine Road Tour is predicted to boost sales for the next two quarters of 2010.

Perhaps more important than net sales figures are the figures for the net profitability of the company. The company has consistently posted figures of profitability during this period, ranging from a low of $110 million in 2009 to a high of $1.5 billion in 2006.

New Kenworth vehicles tend to retain their resale value, as well. For example, a Kenworth T2000 tends to lose about $10,000 a year off its original sale price; a 2000 vehicle currently lists for between $14,000 and $24,000, depending on its features.


18 June 2010
>> Posted: 18 June 2010 by TruckerJim at 4:15 PM

Sometimes you really have to feel sorry for truckers; while we may have our screw ups at work, the poor truck driver makes his on the open road. Large or amusing mistakes get shown on the evening news.

Whether it's the driver's fault, a mechanical malfunction, or just Karma, some screw ups just make us laugh. We present ten of the biggest semi truck screw ups of all time.


It seems that beer trucks are among the most screw-up prone vehicles of all time. We're not making any kind of value judgment here, we're just saying. All of these oopses occurred in 2009, four in the month of June alone.

Trucks carrying loads of Miller (twice), Miller Lite, Coors, Bud Lite, one lime-flavored beer, and three generics, catch fire, run off the road, overturn, crash into bridges, ditches, swamps, flip over, hit power lines, and give cops, EMTs, and road crews a lot of overtime; after which they go home, put their feet up, and reach for...a beer???


Just before dawn, a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel, crashed into a barrier, flipped over, and spilled thousands of pounds of hamburger patties all over the northbound I15. Traffic had to wait for a couple of hours, a situation not unlike getting hamburgers at the drive-through.


3,000 chickens were being hauled down the A80, one of Scotland's busiest highways. The lorry (UK word for semi truck) jack knifed and sent chickens flying everywhere. Police not only spent over five hours rounding up the birds, they issued twenty citations to motorists who took cell phone pictures of the scene while driving.


3.5 million lottery tickets were damaged with fire, water, and flame retardant when the rear axle of the truck transporting them caught fire. The messed-up tickets were all over the road after the mishap. Then the Florida Lottery officials canceled all the tickets, in case someone found one intact. Typical.


Two trucks collided on Canada's Highway 401. One, carrying 250 kilos of condoms, lost its load, snarling traffic for hours. The other, presumably hauling better condoms, kept it.


Is anyone aware that trucks hauling decomposing animal parts and outdated meat aren't required by law to cover their loads? Well, there aren't. A trucker had to slam on the brakes and 500 pounds of animal products shifted up and over his cab, and onto the freeway.


This story really isn't really about the eighteen-wheeler that dumped its load of graham crackers all over a Dallas freeway. It's about the people who crossed open traffic lanes to make off with arm loads of said crackers. One grandmother reported that she got enough for herself and all her grandkids.


An English lorry filled with compressed paper and sex toys burst into flames when it's brakes overheated. One blow-up doll was rescued, but most of the other cargo, that included whips and plastic breasts, wasn't.


A truck hauling 7,000 hives containing seventeen million bees was involved in a collision. Many of the angry bees escaped, stinging emergency workers. Fire hoses were used to encourage the bees to fly away.


A truck carrying thirty five tons of explosives rolled over on a Utah highway. The driver and passenger were lucky to escape before the truck exploded. The blast crater was thirty feet deep and seventy feet wide. Concrete barriers were hurled hundreds of feet in the air, and railroad ties were twisted by the impact. Amazingly, there were no fatalities.

15 June 2010
>> Posted: 15 June 2010 by TruckerJim at 1:35 PM

Hino Trucks

Hino Motors, Ltd. was acquired in 2003 by Toyota Motor Corporation as part of their dedication to expanding their leadership in the medium- and heavy-duty truck market. Hino trucks provided an excellent foothold into the medium-duty truck market with their track record for quality product and process. Hino/Toyota puts a strong emphasis on the people involved in the production of their trucks. Great focus on training and the work ethic of the manufacturers has helped Hino develop a worldwide reputation for excellence.

Hino is the third largest manufacturer of light- and medium-duty in the world; having grown from its roots 90 years ago in Japan. During this time they have constantly strived to be leaders in customer satisfaction and quality. Coming models will be featuring environmentally friendly third generation hybrid technology that has been successfully tested abroad. Their current commitment is to exceeding environmental responsibilities in addition to their customers‘.

Some features that set Hino trucks apart are as follows;

**Trucks are designed to not only be powerful work-horses with great utility, but also with some style in mind. The truck is a representation of your company so an attractive design will leave a favorable impression on clients and passersby. 
**Powdered-coated, rust-resistant wheels are standard to ensure longevity and usefulness.
**Optional 120,000 PSI frame rails are available for companies that have heavy construction obligations to meet. 
**Aluminum fuel tanks are available in a variety of sizes. 

*Aerial Device Trucks
**Hino enjoys a long history of dependable trucks which any utility crew will be happy for when answering a 3 A.M. call in a blizzard.
**The available 120,000 PSI frame is strong enough to support high torque jobs these trucks usually perform. They will easily support boom lifts, side mount cranes, tree chippers, or a dump bed.
**Engine glow plugs are standard to ensure the truck will start in even the foulest of weather.
**Superior tires and an available differential lock will deliver the traction and performance needed in any conditions.

*Rollback Auto Carriers
**Hino Rollback trucks offer a precise 55 degree turning arc, one of the most accommodating in the industry. Meritor Easy Steer Technology helps make the steering of the truck smooth and fluid while granting extended life to components.
**Special attention to interior design to ensure driver comfort and command of the vehicle. The Driver Information Displays puts almost all vital vehicle functions at the driver’s beck and call to increase reliability and efficiency.
**Large non-skid steps, dual driver assist grips, and an 88 degree door opening make it safer for your driver to enter and exit the vehicle in harsh conditions. 

These are but a few of the trucks and some of the features that set Hino apart from the competition. Other features tend to come standard with every truck. Efficient design means better access to serviceable areas of the trucks when need be. Though one of the company’s driving goals is to ensure that this does not occur often. 

Hino has stood the test of time by providing high-quality product and staying constantly innovative in their field. They recently have announced Selective Catalytic Reduction in order to come into compliance with EPA 2010 Emissions Regulations. The SCR technology will represent an almost 80% improvement over 2007 standards. Once again, Hino leads the way in innovation with some of the greenest engines on the planet through the Hino Standardized SCR Unit.
26 May 2010
>> Posted: 26 May 2010 by TruckerJim at 3:22 PM

Insuring Trailmobile Trailers

When it comes to planning out your monthly operating expenses, insurance ranks with fuel and finance payments as one of the largest expenditures. Following a few simple steps will help make sure that you are properly insured for your tractor trailer hauling business, and help you to keep the costs as low as possible. Let’s take a look at how to get trailer insurance for Trailmobile trailers, and a few tips for keeping your premiums reasonable. 

Understand Your Coverage Needs

The most important thing that you need to know when it comes buying trucking and trailer insurance for your company is how much coverage you really need. This may sound obvious but some businesses over insure and are costing themselves more money each month than necessary, which inhibits how profitable their company performs and slows growth. A much more common problem is that drivers and independent operators are under insured for their trucking business, which means that they are putting themselves at a great financial risk if they have an accident while on the highway. Talk to other business owners and independent operators that have been in the business for years to get a good idea of the coverage that you should consider for your specific company needs. They can give you insight into problems with coverage that they have experienced, and help point you in the right direction. Speaking with multiple insurance companies that specialize in trucking insurance will also give you good guidance into the options you should consider. Since the insurers want you over covered, and the business owners you talk to can relate the problems of being under insured, you should have a good idea of a middle ground for correct coverage. 

Shop Around

With this information you can speak to the insurers again to find out what the specific premiums are on insuring a Trailmobile trailer with a specific amount of coverage. Contact several companies and insurance brokers and let them compete over earning your business. This is a task that you will need to complete each year as premiums change with the different insurers and you prove yourself to be a safe business to insure. Don’t let several years go by without comparing the premiums you could be paying with other companies because you could easily be passing up on better deals that would directly affect your bottom line. 

Improve Your Insurability

The final tip to reducing the cost of insuring a trailer from Trailmobile or any other company is to improve on the factors that affect your premium. Insurance companies look at driving history and previous accidents, but they also consider your business’s financial stability and credit rating when setting a premium. Keep a clean driving record, improve your company’s credit score, and make small safety improvements to your trailer to benefit from lower insurance premiums as the years go by. 

Follow these tips for insuring your Trailmobile trailer and reducing your premiums today and in the future.
26 April 2010
>> Posted: 26 April 2010 by TruckerJim at 5:48 PM

When you begin to look for a class 6 or class 7 commercial vehicle to add to your business, you should strongly consider buying a Hino truck. Hino is a part of the Toyota Group and has a proven record for quality, fuel-efficiency, and good resale value. Let's take a look at a few Hino truck buying tips that will help you to get the best deal possible.


Start with the Internet

Shopping for a new commercial vehicle has gotten easier over the last several years due to the Internet. Several truck buying and selling websites have popped up that make it easy to find trucks that are available in your region at great prices. By speaking directly with the seller you are able to negotiate a lower price because no one has to be concerned about the amount of money that a dealership takes during a typical transaction. In addition, by being able to search over a large area from the comfort of your own home or office, you have a better chance of finding a Hino truck for sale for a low price.


Don't Wait To Speak With a Truck Lender

If you wait until you are at the dealership to discuss financing you are putting yourself in a situation where you will spend more money than you need to. One of the first things you do when you decide you're going to expand your business and buy a new truck is to speak with a lender who specializes in small business loans, especially those who are knowledgeable about the trucking industry. Don't hesitate to contact more than one person because you will benefit by having multiple quotes and having lenders compete against each other. Speaking with the lender early will help you know exactly how much money that you can spend on your next commercial vehicle as well as what the payments are that you can expect. Additionally, it will be time to clean up any credit issues that may make financing the truck more expensive.


Talk To Your Insurance Agent

Something that is often overlooked when investing in a new commercial vehicle is the need to speak with your insurance agent. A new truck or specific upgrades can lead to a lower premium on your insurance each month. By knowing this early you can adjust your monthly expense estimates and have more to spend on the commercial vehicle purchase. In addition if you have several years of proven safe driving, then that might qualify you for additional discounts on your truck insurance policy. It's always a good idea to double check your policy once a year and a speak with outside insurance agents to see if someone is offering you a better policy. The money you save by doing this is money that is freed up to be invested in the new truck purchase, or add to the bottom line of your trucking business.


These simple Hino truck buying tips will help you to cut down on your monthly payments, so that you can better invest in your vehicle  and your business. Mckenna Truck Center is a Hino Truck Dealer in Des Moines Iowa.

21 April 2010
>> Posted: 21 April 2010 by TruckerJim at 10:18 AM

Capital Solutions for Credit Problems makes it easy to find great deals on the equipment you're looking for, whether it's a semi truck, dump truck, trailer, or other vehicle. The problem is that finding great commercial trucks doesn't mean you can pay for them.


Even the biggest bargain is worthless if you can't secure funding, and too many things out there can affect your credit and ruin your finances. The good news is that Capital Solutions, Inc., knows all about it and can help truckers with bad credit or who have difficulties getting traditional financing. Their website lets you start your application process online and get funding in about a week, although it may take them a little longer depending on your circumstances, especially if you are putting up real estate equity as your collateral.


Bad credit doesn't make you a bad person, but good luck telling that to the banks. Luckily, Capital Solutions has been around for over a decade (twelve years and counting), and they know that a lot of credit problems are due to circumstances beyond your control. They work with people who have bankruptcies, repossessions, and tax liens in their credit history, and they understand that problems like medical bills, expensive repair work, or even divorce can spring up unexpectedly. On their website, they explain how they have seen all kinds of situations, and their Frequently Asked Questions page spells out how they are willing to work with you.


Capital Solutions can find you the financing if you or a co-signer put up collateral for the loan, whether it is a vehicle, trailer, or real estate. Because they work with private-sector sources of funding, they have more control over the commercial truck financing process and more flexibility than you can get with a bank line of credit.


The Capital Solutions website is the first step in the approval process. After you complete their online form, you can apply over the phone and have the loan documents sent to you overnight. Once approved, you can choose your dealer or work with a private party to buy the truck you have your eye on.


You can also get pre-approved to buy your truck at an auction, but if you're on, you’ve probably already found the trucks for sale you're looking for at the price that is right for you. When it's this simple to find and finance a truck online, why waste time with anything else?

05 April 2010
>> Posted: 05 April 2010 by TruckerJim at 9:53 AM

Go Bruckner's

On Monday April 5, 2010 Bruckner Truck Sales launched a new way for truckers to access our information and assets.


Welcome to our new interactive website where our customers have access to our new and used inventory including trucks and trailers, finance and insurance options, parts, service, leasing and rental as well as employment information. “This has been a long time coming; we are excited to give our customers what they have been asking for!” said Brian Murphy, Corporate Marketing Manager.


Bruckner’s Truck Sales launched their original website in 2001 and it has done its job communicating the product and services Bruckner’s offers but this is not enough. Technology, our industry, market and customer’s needs are continuously changing. People searching for new or used trucks are using the internet first to see what is available and a comprehensive interactive website is essential for any business to keep up with the demands. We are a well established company that has a lot to offer seasoned truckers as well as those who are looking for their first truck.


We are recognized as the leading dealership serving the Southwestern U.S. and through our new website we will be able to communicate with potential customers from all around the country who are looking for the best deal in a Mack, Volvo or Mitsubishi truck as well as the many different types of trailers we offer or hard to find parts. Visitors to the site will be able to find answers to their questions about leasing policies and the pros and cons of leasing or buying, the recommended lubricants for each type of engine and what kind or services we offer.


Visit and click the email button,  and tell us what you think. The aim of this website is for you to get answers to questions about what we offer and tell us what we can do to fulfill your automotive needs. We are committed to service; for our customers and our community. Now, that service includes online help and advice. We also want feedback from you to tell us how we can improve our service. Our locations are listed online too so, if you want, you can call the dealer nearest you.


Bruckner Truck Sales, the largest geographic Mack and Volvo dealer in the U.S. is now at your service online no matter where you are in the country.

25 March 2010
>> Posted: 25 March 2010 by TruckerJim at 12:30 PM

Truck Finance 101

For Owner Operators & First Time Buyers

So you’ve got a good contract or haul source.  The problem is that you can’t get financing. What to do?

The four main criteria for truck financing are as follows:

·       Experience: How long have you been driving a truck? Do you have over the road experience?

·       Haul Source: Do you have an established company ready to hire you as an owner operator when you get a truck? If you think you can get financing on a first time buyer program AND do so on your own authority then you are mistaken. Finance companies want to see you going with an established fleet. If you mention that you have any ambition to get your own authority then you’ve just wasted your time.

·       Your credit history: If you have child support issues or if you have tax liens then you will absolutely NOT be able to get a truck loan.

·       Your down payment: The more you bring as a down payment the more credit you will qualify for. Also the more you bring the lower your interest rate.

I want to address a concern about interest rate for everyone. Obviously we all want to pay the least amount of interest. The thing to think about with regard to interest is the risk involved for the lender, the higher the risk the higher the rate and conversely the lower the risk the lower the rate. Do you know what the highest risk loan in our society is? You guessed it: VENTURE CAPITAL. Do you know what type of a loan is used for a truck purchase? If you said VENTURE CAPITAL you get a gold star.

You or I can go out and get 4% on a home loan, 3% on a car, 15% on a credit card, but when it comes to trucks it is a whole new ball game. The reason is that trucks are an entity unto themselves. Truck credit is in a division all by itself. With a home the lender can be relatively sure that he’ll at least be able to get some of his investment back if you default; With a truck…well it all depends on how well you’ve kept it up and how many miles have clicked over and what the market is doing today versus yesterday. A truck, as opposed to a home, is a DEPRECIATING ASSET. What that means is that “the milk isn’t getting any sweeter”. There is a definite shelf life when it comes to trucks and the older it is the shorter the life remaining with regard to the lender. It doesn’t matter to the lender that the owner just spent twenty thousand on a new engine or that the tires are new or that the overhead was just done. They look at the age, the miles, and the book value and if it doesn’t meet their criteria then they won’t lend on it. The newer the truck is the longer the term and the lower the interest rate. The older the truck is the shorter the term and the higher the interest rate.

Now an experienced owner operator that has good credit and a solid pay history on trucks in the past can certainly get a truck loan with a great interest rate.

What about the rest of us?

The good news is that you can be weak on any one of the four main items shown above and still get a loan if you are sufficiently strong on the other three.

Even if you have challenged credit (bankruptcy, late pays, garnishments, repossessions, and other nasty items on your bureau) it is still possible to get truck financing. As I stated before if you have child support or tax liens then you can hang up getting any truck loan until those have been paid for or brought current.

There are lenders out there with trucks that have been returned either by repossession or lease expiration that they need to move. These trucks are available to the right people on an assumption basis. Even if you have little down ($3,000.00 or even less in some cases) you can still have a very strong chance to get into a truck.

I have credit sources for all levels of credit from the solid gold plated A+++ to the E- credits. If you have a need for a truck but can’t get financed give me a call. I don’t care how many people have turned you down before I want to hear from you.

My name is Doug Shields and I can be reached at 480-238-3873 or 800-273-8309 if you’d like to talk. You can listen to my four minute FREE recorded message anytime day or night which reveals how you can get into a big truck even with bad credit.

To listen to that FREE recorded message simply dial toll free 1-888-562-4447.

My trucks as well as my client testimonials can be viewed online at

Thanks for your time!

Doug Shields
Chandler, AZ 

05 March 2010
>> Posted: 05 March 2010 by TruckerJim at 2:00 PM

Having a clean truck can mean a lot to your business and if you’ve ever had your truck professionally cleaned, you know that having the best cleaning products and best cleaning technique is necessary to not only have a spotless vehicle, but also to keep your vehicle safe.  Cleaning materials that are too harsh or not applied correctly can cause damage to the body of your truck or the detailing. 


Because of this, buying cleaning products online can be dangerous or tricky for some drivers.  Even if you can get a great deal by buying in bulk from a web site, you can’t always be sure that the cleaners you are purchasing are going to treat your truck with the same degree of respect that you do.


But there are many quality cleaners that you can purchase online.  All it takes is a little research to be sure that they are the kinds that you’re looking for.  Speedy All Metal Polish is one great option if you’re looking to give your chrome accents that extra shine.  A long-lasting, silicone polymer and wax blend, this product is the perfect one to make your clean truck impress the rest on the highway. 


If you’re looking to remove oxidation and shine all kinds of metals, such as aluminum, chrome, brass, and stainless steal, this White Diamond Quick Detailer, with a convenient spray nozzle may be what you’re looking for.  Of course, you can also use Busch’s Super Shine Aluminum polish, which promises to not only cut through oxidation, but to do so quickly.  With a formula that promises long-lasting shine that doesn’t dull easily, truckers who choose this product have the solid name of Busch on their side. Other metal polishes, such as Zephyr, Blue Magic, Mother’s, and Total Look are also high-quality metal cleaners that can be purchased online, and each is sure to give your truck a unique shine.  Choosing the cleaner that’s right for you has to do with the kind of shine you’re looking for.  Determining if you’re more concerned about long-lasting shine or affordability, safety or style can help you choose the brand that’s right for you.


Of course, if you’re looking to do more than polish, you might want to check out WAB, the truck cleaner that shines, degreases, cleanses and washes.  WAB products are sensitive on you’re truck, but tough on dirt.  The high-quality engine and chassis degreaser has the power to rid your engine of mud and dirt, ensuring you a purer, cleaner ride.  In addition, the cleansers preserve your finish while wiping away all traces of the road. 


Having a dirty truck is much more than a problem of aesthetics.  A dirty engine or even dirty body means bad news when it comes to keeping your vehicle well maintained.  Dirt can get into the inner workings of your truck, making it run down faster.  If you invest in quality cleaning products, they won’t let you down.  You’ll get to enjoy a longer life out of the truck you love.  Of course, buying cleaning products online can be risky, but these are just a few of the brands available.  Do your research and shop around—you’ll find the best bargain for you and your shiny clean truck.

01 February 2010
>> Posted: 01 February 2010 by TruckerJim at 5:13 PM

According to one of the leading manufacturers of battery disconnect switches, these innovative pieces of equipment protect from theft, battery drain, and accidental starting.  A powerful safety tool, battery disconnect switches can protect drivers from loosing their investments or lives, as well as from harming others.
Battery-Disconnect Switch - Will Fit Both Side Post and Top Post and causes all power from the truck’s electrical system to stop flowing, preventing a thief from taking off with a trucker’s vehicle.  Because it can be operated both manually and through an emergency application, this switch allows the trucker to have control of the vehicle in an emergency, while also guarding the truck while the operator is away.

The batter disconnect switch can also be used to help you save money as it stops the drain on your battery while you’re not in your truck. Battery drain occurs on every normal vehicle, but it can be worse for some that have electrical problems. In those cases, having a battery disconnect switch is a great way to keep the problem in check before it can be fixed.
Finally, the emergency component allows power to be shut off in the event that electrical maintenance workers are threatened. This way, the truck cannot be accidentally started while a maintenance technician is working on it. Further, the protection against accidental starting can be especially important if you park your semi at home and have curious, young children.  Because of this, the product meets OSHA standards, making it a good buy.
A battery disconnect switch cannot replace a traditional alarm or a watchful trucker that is careful with his or her vehicle, but it can be an important second line of defense saving lives, people from injury, vehicles from damage, and money. Indeed, you might get to like your battery disconnect switch so much that you want one for your personal car or truck. If that’s the case, you’re in luck. You can buy battery disconnect switches for private vehicles on popular web sites such as Amazon and Nextag. These battery disconnect switches are easy to install, and many of them can be conveniently placed where they are not crowding your vehicle or in the sight of potential thieves.
So no matter what vehicle you want to protect, a battery disconnect switch can be a positive option.
26 January 2010
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Did Feds overstep bounds with New Rule?
The federal goverment announced today a new law that bans truck drivers from texting and emailing while driving.
While the drivers association Owner Operators United Inc. does indeed agree this ban should be in effect, we feel it should  ban all drivers of cars and trucks. Not just commerical Trucks.
The action taken today by Ray Lahood raises into question, what happened to the regulatory process for new laws.
It also raises another question, Is this action against truck drivers being taken at this time to allow fmcsa 2010 enforcement. officers another excuse to do roadside stops and inspections?

FMCSA records show Truck Drivers are among the safest drivers in the world and are currently under more regularions than air line pilots.
Owner Operators United Inc supports and promotes safe driving in every sense of the term, but we also feel the federal goverment should follow guidelines for making and enforcing laws as was laid out by our forefathers.
News Media nationwide are reporting, any violation of this new law will be punishable by a fine of $2700.oo
Owner Operators United Inc. invites everyone to comment on this Goverment action directly to our office at
[email protected]