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Tank Trailers For Sale

Tank trailers are typically used to haul bulk liquids, but they can also be used for powders or other dry goods. Some trailers have a single compartment for hauling one type of liquid, while others have several compartments so that different types of cargo can be hauled in the same load without mixing. These trailers are typically connected to daycabs or conventional sleeper trucks. Look below for a list of the variety of tank trailers we have for sale. New and used trailers are available, and you can use the search function to find the tank trailer you're looking for.

Year   Make   Model City, State Price
Listing# 561704 unit photo Stock# 2616 2014 MAC TRAILER MFG 1050 CU. FT. SAND TANK
Call Tri-State Trailer Sales, INC at 412-747-7777 LARGE GROUP CALL FOR DETAILS
Pittsburgh, PA $45,500
No photo for listing# 686134 Stock# 005017 2004 ACRO DOT 407
Call Lucky's Trailer Sales at 877-369-2463 (2) TOOL BOXES color: SILVER
South Royalton, VT Call

More Information on Tank Trailers

Drivers, company owners, owner-operators and others who are interested in used and new tank trailers can search our vast selection to find trailers from top manufacturers including MAC, Vantage, HEIL, Troxell and Walker. You can view several color photos of each trailer, along with a listing of pertinent information such as hauling capacity, compartment sizes, length, tire size, condition and more. You can also follow the links at the bottom of the listing for quotes on shipping and insurance, as well as inspection information.

Tank Trailer History

The need to move bulk liquids in large quantities prompted Bob Fossey to invent the tank trailer in the mid 1960s. He was a Londoner who worked for Williams Fairclough. Many people have tested designs to make tank trailers lighter and allow them to carry more cargo. This has resulted in many upgrades throughout the years, and now most tank trailers can haul around 42,000 pounds of cargo without needing specialized permits.

Top-Loading and Bottom-Loading

Tank trailers are loaded from either the top or the bottom, depending on the way they are designed. The first tank trailers were always loaded from the top, but this method requires someone to mount the truck and walk to each of the tank's compartments. Most modern tank trailers are loaded from the bottom. The trailer is typically loaded using the same lines that are used during unloading. Most tank trailers have all compartment openings close together so that the trailer can be loaded quickly and efficiently.

Typical Cargo

Many of the tank trailers on the road are used to haul gasoline and other petroleum products. These trailers typically have several placards on the back so that other drivers know what they are hauling. Tank trailers are also used to haul milk from dairies. They are used to haul many types of chemicals and chemical liquids from one place to another. Many fire departments also use tank trailers to haul water, especially to areas where hydrants and natural bodies of water are scarce.

Tanker trailers, just like other types of trailers, are available with a variety of options and features.

Options that may be available on tank trailers include:

  • Safety rails
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Hose tray
  • Air-Assist suspension
  • Multiple compartments
  • Aluminum tank
  • Center discharge
  • Alloy wheels