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Dump Trailers For Sale - End, Belly Dumps, Bottom, Side!

End Dump trailers are handy pieces of equipment that can be used by a variety of trucking companies. They are especially useful for construction and farming applications. Look below for a list of used and new semi end dump trailers from a variety of manufacturers. In addition to the end dumps on sale there are also belly dumps, side dumpers, bottom and more. You can browse the expansive list or use the search button to narrow down the choices to see only the trailers that meet your company's specifications.

Year   Make   Model City, State Price
Listing# 656464 unit photo Stock# 2104 1999 Ravens SPREAD AXLE
Call CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing, Inc. at 888-573-4023 Spread Axle, Rollover Tarp, 3 Way Tail Gate, Front Axle Lifts, 2 Speed Landing Gear, 12" Crossmember Spacing.
Jacksonville, FL $27,950
Listing# 627126 unit photo Stock# 2025 1989 Fruehauf
Call CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing, Inc. at 888-573-4023 Very Clean Older Fruehauf, Almost New Bedliner, 2 Speed Landing Gear,
Jacksonville, FL $17,950
Listing# 665321 unit photo Stock# 0294 2019 Trailstar FLA SPEC'D
Call CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing, Inc. at 888-573-4023 front to back tarp, outside aluminum wheels, 2 speed landing gear.
Jacksonville, FL $53,950
Listing# 660907 unit photo Stock# 2107 2020 Trailstar 40X102
Call CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing, Inc. at 888-573-4023 40' x 102" 22.5 tires, two speed landing gear, 3-WAY smooth Tail gate, waterproof roll over tarp. XT axles
Jacksonville, FL $60,950
Listing# 616008 unit photo Stock# 2081 2020 Trailstar DS3SD30
Call CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing, Inc. at 888-573-4023 24/30',22.5 tires , 3 axle with front lift axle , front to back electric tarp, water tight tail gate
Jacksonville, FL $53,950
Listing# 665322 unit photo Stock# 2106 1985 Hardee
Call CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing, Inc. at 888-573-4023 tandem axle, combination composition, all steel wheels, 24.5 tires, 28 length, fixed fixed axle, spring suspension, aluminum floor floor type
Jacksonville, FL $14,950
Listing# 643532 unit photo Stock# 0275 2019 Trailstar FLA SPEC'D
Call CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing, Inc. at 888-573-4023 front to back tarp, outside aluminum wheels, 2 speed landing gear.
Jacksonville, FL $53,950
Listing# 627132 unit photo Stock# 2030 2004 Montone
Call CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing, Inc. at 888-573-4023 front to back mesh tarp, 2 speed landing gear,, frameless frame, 41 internal height, tandem axle, steel disc wheels, 96 width, 22.5 tires, 38 length, fixed fixed axle, air ride suspe...
Jacksonville, FL $21,950
Listing# 663743 unit photo Stock# 45124 2019 CTS SD40
Call Bruckner's at 877-999-1438
Greeley, CO $54,956
Listing# 665246 unit photo 2007 East
Call Tomberlin Trucking Company, Inc. at 229-385-8111 Call 229-385-8111 for more details!
Rhine, GA $30,000
Listing# 665892 unit photo 1996 East
Call Select Motor Sales at 678-468-5659 !!!!1996 East Dump Trailer $13500.00 With 2008 Volvo $25000.00 !!!! New Tarp System And Tarp NO PTO ON TRUCK
Fayetteville , GA $13,500
Listing# 665390 unit photo Stock# HEJ/J&M#4642 06/07/19 2005 PARKER 36FT L X 96IN W FRAME TYPE
Listing# 665107 unit photo 2007 Vantage
Call Dump Trailer Rebuilders at 660-342-5980
Memphis, MO Call
Listing# 627127 unit photo Stock# 2024 1989 Fruehauf
Call CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing, Inc. at 888-573-4023 front to back mesh tarp
Jacksonville, FL $17,950
Listing# 631565 unit photo 2016 Travis FULL FRAME
Call Dump Trailer Rebuilders at 660-342-5980
Memphis, MO Call
Listing# 662045 unit photo Stock# 1837 2018 Trailstar
Call CMD Trailer Sales & Leasing, Inc. at 888-573-4023 3 Way Tailgate, Roll Over Waterproof Tarp., frameless frame, 66 internal height, tandem axle, aluminum composition, aluminum wheels, 102 width, 22.5 tires, 40 length, fixed fixed axl...
Jacksonville, FL $54,950
Listing# 611902 unit photo Stock# 5282 1984 East 33X96
Call Michigan Truck & Equipment Sales Inc. at 877-243-8717
Grand Rapids, MI $19,900
Listing# 662271 unit photo Stock# TN1062 2019 Clement MONSTAR 99
Call Truckworx at 888-282-2859 2019 Clement Monstar 99 yard capacity end dump trailer
RICHLAND, MS $62,500
Listing# 589918 unit photo Stock# MACDUMP39FRAME 2018 MAC TRAILER MFG
Call Truckworx at 877-558-2422 2018 39' MAC smooth-side dump trailer
Birmingham, AL Call
Listing# 655709 unit photo Stock# 47987 2020 HICKS FL3028
Call Bruckner's at 877-597-4640 30´ Aluminum End Dump with disc brakes, liner, electric tarp, wet locks, chain spreaders, and a front lift axle. Ready to go to work!!!
Shreveport, LA $59,950
Listing# 604333 unit photo Stock# 44547 2019 CTS HRD32
Call Bruckner's at 877-356-9189 2019 CTS Rock Master Half Round End Dump, , , 32ยด Length x 102" Width x 48" Side Height Standard LED Lighting, 18" / 49" King Pin/Coupler Height25,000 Ib. Single ...
Ft. Worth, TX $39,312
Listing# 648285 unit photo Custom Repurposed Chassis Twin Cylinder Tipper for top loading containers
Call Repurposed Trailers Inc at 312-301-3447 Introducing our newest addition to our dumping capability Repurposed Tipper Chassis Conversions. The under-mount twin cylinder chassis tipper for efficient loading, unloading and tra...
South Holland, IL Call
Listing# 621094 unit photo Stock# 44330 2018 CTS BDT40
Call Bruckner's at 877-356-9189 2018 Gray Pack Mule Stick Built Bottom DumpSpring Ride, Disc Brakes,, Central Tire Inflation Manual TarpMultiple Units $38,500 w FET
Ft. Worth, TX $38,500
Listing# 662051 unit photo Stock# 0507191 2017 SpecTec STFD3448102
Call Arthur Trovei & Sons, Inc. at 845-856-1142 Model: STFD3448102 Axles: fixed closed tandem Suspension: single point spring Tires: 11R24.5 Rims: 10 Bolt hub pilot Length: 36' Width: 102" Height: 11'5" Weight: 20,360 lbs ...
Sparrow Bush, NY $24,900
Listing# 636195 unit photo 1971 Hyster
Call Lost Creek Cattle Company LLC at 307-331-9156 I bought this belly dump a few years ago for a construction project I was working on. Now that the project is finished, I no longer have a need for it. Tires are 75%. Brakes are 70%...
Torrington, WY $10,000

More Info About Dump Trailers

Owner-operators, drivers and trucking company owners who are interested in new and used dump trailers can view listings of dump trailers from some of the most highly respected manufacturers in the trailer industry, including Mac, Vantage, Travis, CPS, Clement and more. Most listings include at least one color photo. The listings also include the information you need to make sure the trailer is right for your company. This information includes axle type, suspension type, trailer length, location, condition information and more. There are also links in the listing that you can click for more information about financing, vehicle inspection and insurance. You can also email a slideshow of pictures of the trailer to yourself or someone else.

Dump trailers have been used in various forms since the early 1900s. In fact, August Fruehauf invented a dump trailer for a semi in 1914. He obtained military contracts during World War I. He introduced hydraulics in his dump trailers in the early 1920s, including hydraulic lift gates and hydraulic winches. Hydraulics are still used in most dump trailers today.

There are several types of dump trailers available. One type is the end dump trailer. These trailers operate similarly to a dump truck, except that they are typically longer and are pulled by a separate semi truck. The biggest advantage to using a end dump trailer is that they can be unloaded very quickly.

Another type of dump trailer is the belly dump. These trailers typically have two axles. The material is typically dumped from the bottom of the trailer in a line. One advantage of a belly dump trailer is that it can be maneuvered well while backing up. The gates in the bottom of the trailer generally open to the left and right, but the cross spread type of belly dump has gates that open to the front and back. This allows material to be spread more evenly under the trailer. Belly dump trailers can be single, double or triple, but double and triple units should not be used to spread material while the truck is in reverse.

There are many amenities that can be available in dump trailers, so look carefully at the description to make sure the trailer you purchase has everything you want and need in a dump trailer.

Some available amenities include:

  • Lift axle
  • Electric tarps
  • Center point suspension
  • Custom paint
  • Steel box
  • Aluminum wheels