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Drop Deck (Step Deck) Trailers For Sale

Drop deck trailers are a great option for hauling taller than normal loads. They are available in different lengths and can be pulled by daycab or sleeper tractors. Below you'll find a list of hundreds of used and new drop deck trailers for sale. The listed is updated often and you can use the search feature to narrow down your options according to your specifications.

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More Information About Drop Deck Trailers

Drivers, trucking company owners and owner-operators who are interested in used and new drop deck trailers can view trailers built by some of the best known manufacturers in the industry, including Fontaine, Benson, Transcraft, Manac, Doonan, Trailking, Dorsey, and more. You can browse through the pictures and descriptions or click on an individual listing to find more information. The information in each listing includes price, deck length, tire size, deck condition, height, axle spacing, trailer location and more. There are also links at the bottom of each listing for more information on financing, shipping, insurance, etc.

Drop Deck trailers are also called step decks. They are generally platforms with no roof, sides or doors. The first deck is level with the back of the tractor and the second deck is lower to the ground. Some drop deck trailers have aluminum decks, while others have decks made of wood. They are used just like regular flatbed trailers, except that the load on the second deck can be taller without fear of exceeding height restrictions. They are often used to haul machinery and are considered safer to load with a forklift than conventional flatbed trailers. Some drop deck trailers have ramps to make loading and unloading even easier.

There are many facets to choosing a drop deck trailer. The length of each deck is one important factor. Many have upper decks that are 10 feet in length and lower decks that are 43 feet in length, so the total length is 53 feet. The material that the decks are made of and the trailer tire size may also be factors, along with the spacing of the axles. Think about the loads you will likely be hauling on the trailer to find the best fit. Be sure to call the phone number in the listing if you have any questions about a particular trailer, as drop deck trailers vary greatly in dimensions and features.

Features that make things easier and may be included when you purchase a drop deck trailer include:

  • Winches
  • Chains
  • Tool boxes
  • Sliding axles
  • Aluminum wheels
  • LED lighting
  • Weight gauge
  • Air-ride suspension
  • Tarps