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Bruckner Trucks Tulsa

Semi trucks & trailers for sale in Tulsa Oklahoma

Currently, all Bruckner Trucks Tulsa have been sold. Here is what we found outside of ... !

Year   Make   Model City, State Price
Listing# 883122 unit photo Stock# 62276 2024 Viking VDDR53102
Call Bruckner's 877-220-1569
Amarillo, TX Call
Listing# 882995 unit photo Stock# 60548 2024 Fontaine HAR5212WSA
Call Bruckner's 877-215-1672 NEW 2024 Fontaine Revolution 48' flatbed Trailer. Wide spread axles, Air rear suspension. please call or stop by the Dallas I20 location for more information. (stock photos)
Dallas I-20, TX $70,433
Listing# 876188 unit photo Stock# 61077 2024 Fontaine MAG55H
Call Bruckner's 877-336-2365 2024 FONTAINE MAG55H. 55 Tons in 12-foot length. Pre-Fab for flip box and flip/spreader axle. 13HP Honda pony motor. 27' Clear Deck Length. Manual front approach ramps with risers. 2...
Tulsa, OK $126,958
Listing# 875404 unit photo Stock# 60885 2024 Fontaine HAICF22RSA
Monroe, LA $82,900
Listing# 873476 unit photo Stock# 60756 2024 CTS BDT40
Call Bruckner's 877-614-3357 2024 CTS model BDT40 Bottom Dump. Air Ride Suspension, 23.5 Cu Yd Capacity. Electric Flip and Go Mountain Tarp. Large Push Block. Price includes FET.
Enid, OK $54,798
Listing# 863631 unit photo Stock# 59341 2024 Fontaine HAVSD12WSA
Call Bruckner's 877-496-5163 STOCK Photo used, COMING SOON! Come in and chat with us today.
Odessa, TX $47,850
Listing# 853171 unit photo Stock# 57803 2023 Fontaine MAG55H
Call Bruckner's 866-412-6625 Magnitude 55H FLD Heavy Haul, Fixed tridem bogie lowbed. True 55 ton capacity in 12 feet. 25’ clear deck length, 22” loaded height with 6” ground clearance. 102” swing radius, con...
SAN ANTONIO, TX $129,750
Listing# 883114 unit photo Stock# 62268 2024 Viking VDDR53102
Call Bruckner's 877-220-1569
Amarillo, TX Call
Listing# 861445 unit photo Stock# 58796 2024 Viking V40BFLW
Call Bruckner's 877-597-4640 40'x102" Lightweight Log Trailer. Aluminum Outer Wheels. 25K Axles. 5" Bumper with 5" Grapple Bar
Shreveport, LA $48,150
Listing# 886007 unit photo Stock# 62547 2024 Viking VFD46R16F35T
Call Bruckner's 877-220-1569
Amarillo, TX Call
Listing# 869258 unit photo Stock# 60380 2024 CTS HRD32
Call Bruckner's 877-362-1625 New 2024 CTS HRD-32 Rock Master Half Round End Dump With Gate Seal, Twist Locks, LED Lighting, 24.5 Tires, 5 Stage Inverted Hoist. Our Prices Include FET Tax, Other Dealers May Not.
Hobbs, NM $62,600
Listing# 860718 unit photo Stock# 57340 2023 TROUT RIVER Live Bottom Asphalt Belt Trailer
Call Bruckner's 877-254-6498 2023 Trout River Live Bottom Asphalt Trailer. 41FT Insulated 30CU Yard Capacity water level, 34 Yards Heaped. 11R24.5 Tires on Outer Aluminum Wheels. 50" Axle Spacing Hendrickson Int...
Fountain, CO $108,640
Listing# 881652 unit photo Stock# 61948 2024 Fontaine MAG55H
Call Bruckner's 509-575-8888
Yakima, WA Call
Listing# 865043 unit photo Stock# 59595 2024 Fontaine HAR6012WSA
Call Bruckner's 877-425-3806
Hays, KS $78,852
Listing# 861444 unit photo Stock# 58795 2024 Viking LOG BUNK TRL
Call Bruckner's 877-597-4640 40X102 V4B40F Bolster Log Trailer. Aluminum Outer Wheels. 5" Grapple Bar
Shreveport, LA $49,950
Listing# 854563 unit photo Stock# 58161 2023 Viking V4B40F
Call Bruckner's 877-597-4640 NEW 2023 4 bunk log trailer. 4" drop center. Single point spring suspension. Aluminum outer wheels. Toolbox. Rear Grapple Bar.
Shreveport, LA $41,560
Listing# 884086 unit photo Stock# 62392 2024 TROXELL 150BBL
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189
Fort Worth, TX Call
Listing# 863623 unit photo Stock# 57239 2023 CTS BDT40
Call Bruckner's 877-254-6498 2023 CTS BDT40 Belly Dump Trailer with Air Ride Suspension, 11R24.5 tires, steel inner wheels with aluminum outer wheels. 40' length, 54" Height, 96" Width. Trailer Equipped with Mou...
Fountain, CO $55,240
Listing# 880276 unit photo Stock# 61812 2024 HICKS FL2827
Call Bruckner's 877-597-4640 Brand New 28' All Aluminum End Dump. Hicks patented, weld-free, lightweight, aluminum dump body and trailer maximizes your payload, minimizes downtime/maintenance for hauling aggrega...
Shreveport, LA $76,900
Listing# 885592 unit photo Stock# 62483 2024 Fontaine XCA4880SSXT
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 2024 Fontaine Xcalibur, extendable platform trailer. 48ft trailer that extends up to 80ft. Extends in 5ft increments until the last stop position which is a 2ft increment (i.e. last ...
Fort Worth, TX $59,900
Listing# 881423 unit photo Stock# 61902 2024 Fontaine MAG60
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 2024 FONTAINE MAGNITUDE 60. With 83inch flip box, flip axle, and spreader. Please call or stop by the Fort Worth location for more information!
Fort Worth, TX $239,182
Listing# 875423 unit photo Stock# 60943 2024 Fontaine HAR5212WSA
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 2024 Fontaine revolution 52 flat 48' trailer. More photos coming soon! (current photos are stock pictures) Please call or stop by the Fort Worth location for more details!
Fort Worth, TX $70,433
Listing# 872568 unit photo Stock# 60640 2024 Fontaine HAR5222RSA
Call Bruckner's 877-597-4640 Fontaine Revolution 52 Alum Flat 53' Price includes FET!
Shreveport, LA $76,160
Listing# 865218 unit photo Stock# 59665 2024 CTS BDT40
Call Bruckner's 877-496-5163 2024 CTS BDT40 40 FT 96" Wide Bottom Dump on Hutch 4 Spring Suspension with 11R24.5 Sumitomo Tires on all Steel Wheels. 23.5 Yard Capacity. Front and Rear Slope Shields. Electric Fli...
Odessa, TX $54,500
Listing# 877975 unit photo Stock# 59342 2024 Fontaine HAVSD12WSA
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 2024 Fontaine Velocity Drop deck Trailer. COMING SOON! Come in and chat with us today. (STOCK Photos used)
Fort Worth, TX $51,994


The staff at Bruckners Truck Sales in Tulsa, Oklahoma has built a reputation for being great source for both new and used trucks. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the trucks and trailers on their lot as well as the trucking industry in general. Financing is available on every truck and warranties are available for most of the trucks on the lot. The dealership is located at 15525 East Admiral Place in Tulsa and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. until noon. They are closed on Sundays and can be reached by phone at 877-336-2365.


The inventory at Bruckners- Tulsa includes shiny new trucks from Volvo and other manufacturers of quality trucks. They also have new and used trailers for sale on the lot. Owner-operators and trucking company owners can buy single trucks or purchase entire fleets of trucks at once. Financing is available for both new and used trucks and most trucks have warranties. You can browse through the online inventory or search for a specific type of truck using criteria such as truck type, year, mileage, weight rating, fuel type, tire size, model, make and more. If listings for the exact truck you're looking for don't show up in your search, please call the dealership to discuss your truck needs. Inventory changes so often that it is almost impossible for the online listings to keep up with the trucks on the lot.


There are many late-model used trucks on the lot at Bruckners- Tulsa. They have tractors with sleepers, daycabs, box vans and more. Each truck listing includes multiple pictures as well as information such as gear ratio, engine model, tire size, number of axles, transmission type, wheelbase and more. They provide you with as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision before making the trip to the dealership for a test drive.


Appointments for service and repair work are accepted at Bruckners- Tulsa to minimize the amount of time you have to wait for your truck. Services performed by their experienced technicians include electronic engine diagnostics, Cummins engine service, air conditioning repair, alignment, Department of Transportation inspections, glass repair, fuel injection repair, free pickup and delivery, Mack transmission service, radiator work, Mack engine service, Volvo engine service, paint and body work, towing service, and more. Internet service, telephones and hotel shuttle are available for drivers who are waiting for their trucks to be serviced or repaired.