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Bruckner Trucks Tulsa

Semi trucks & trailers for sale in Tulsa Oklahoma

Currently, all Bruckner Trucks Tulsa have been sold. Here is what we found outside of ... !

Year   Make   Model City, State Price
Listing# 898888 unit photo Stock# 63955 2023 Hino S4
Call Bruckner's 877-999-2456 NEW 2023 HINO S4 Diesel - 14,500lb GVWR - 4HK1-TC Diesel - 215HP - Aisin 6spd A/T - 150" WB
Albuquerque, NM Call
Listing# 881423 unit photo Stock# 61902 2024 Fontaine MAG60
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 2024 FONTAINE MAGNITUDE 60 Modular with 28FT Flat Level Deck with Front Flip Ramps. Includes 13HP Honda Self Contained Hydraulic Unit, 83inch Hydraulic flip box, flip axle, and EQ1 s...
Fort Worth, TX $239,182
Listing# 877739 unit photo Stock# 61250 2024 CTS BDT40
Call Bruckner's 866-412-6625 2024 CTS model BDT40 Bottom Dump. 40’ x 96” wide x 10’1” Height. Air Ride Suspension, 23.5 Cu Yd Capacity, Front and Rear Slopped Sheets. Electric Flip and Go Tarper by Mountain. I...
Listing# 876755 unit photo Stock# 64584 2025 Volvo VNL64T860
Call Bruckner's 877-420-6927
Van Buren, AR Call
Listing# 863621 unit photo Stock# 57151 2023 CTS BDT40
Call Bruckner's 877-523-9297 2023 CTS BDT40 Belly Dump Trailer with Air Ride Suspension, 40 Foot Long, 54" Height, 96" Width. 23.5 CU Yard Capacity Heaped. 11R24.5 tires on Outer Aluminum Wheels with Steel Inner...
Oklahoma City, OK $51,950
Listing# 904567 unit photo Stock# A9595P 2015 Volvo VNL64T300
Call Bruckner's 866-412-6625
Listing# 903655 unit photo Stock# A9157P 2016 Volvo VNM64T200
Amarillo, TX $44,950
Listing# 893155 unit photo Stock# 64272 2024 Volvo VNL64T860
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 New VOLVO VNL860: D13TC 455HP, I-Shift, VADA 2.0, Workstation, Fridge, Inverter, Double Bunk, Infotainment w/ Navigation, Position Perfect Steering Wheel. Ask about Financing & Purch...
Fort Worth, TX $197,513
Listing# 889518 unit photo Stock# 63193 2025 Fontaine HAICD22RSA
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 2024 Fontaine "Infinity" Combination Drop Deck. Cal Legal set up. 11FT Top Deck, 42FT Bottom Deck. 40." Loaded Deck Height. 30" King Pin setting and Rear Sliding Axle. 122" Open Spre...
Fort Worth, TX $56,900
Listing# 877329 unit photo Stock# 61128 2024 Fontaine THT4048F
Call Bruckner's 877-220-1569 Fontaine Traverse for the hydraulic tail trailer industry. Best in Class 10.5 degree ramp angle-easy to load low ground clearance equipment. 40 ton capacity, On Board Digital Scale. ...
Amarillo, TX $112,000
Listing# 894265 unit photo Stock# A9340P 2016 Mack CXU613
Call Bruckner's 866-412-6625 2016 MACK CXU613 DAY CAB, MP8 505HP, 203''WB WORK TRUCK THAT IS READY TO ROLL!!!!
Listing# 891383 unit photo Stock# 63524 2024 Fontaine HAIFL42SAT
Call Bruckner's 877-336-2365 FONTAINE 45' Flat Bed Trailer. GVWR 70,333. Includes Stainless Steel Lock Box.
Tulsa, OK $62,160
Listing# 891371 unit photo Stock# 63512 2025 Fontaine HAICF12SAT
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 Fontaine HAICF12SAT 48’ Infinity Trailer, Consisting of Steel main beams and cross bracing, aluminum siderails, floor and rear skirt results in a rugged, light weight workhorse, Hend...
Fort Worth, TX $61,600
Listing# 891367 unit photo Stock# 63508 2025 Fontaine HAIFL12SAT
Call Bruckner's 877-496-5163 Fontaine HAIFL12SAT 48’ Forklift Trailer, Hendrickson Sliding Air Tandem, Grease-in hubs 5 year warranty, Exclusive RASR side rails - one piece routed aluminum, 12 sliding winches, F...
Odessa, TX $61,600
Listing# 899712 unit photo Stock# 63712 2025 Fontaine HAIFL42SAT
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 2024 Fontaine "Infinity" 45FT Combination Deck Flatbed Trailer
Fort Worth, TX Call
Listing# 898890 unit photo Stock# A9442P 2020 Mack GR86F
Call Bruckner's 800-941-6225
Denver, CO Call
Listing# 876864 unit photo Stock# 61124 2024 Isuzu NPR GAS HD
Call Bruckner's 877-220-1569 NEW 2023 Isuzu NPR HD Cab & Chassis - 14,500 LBS GVWR - 350 HP Gas - 6spd A/T, 150" Wheelbase - In stock, and ready to accept your 16'-18' body application.
Amarillo, TX Call
Listing# 872070 unit photo Stock# 60559 2025 Fontaine HAR5212WSA
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 2024 Fontaine 48FT "Revolution" 52 series. 295/75R22.5 on 8 Aluminum Wheels on Wide Spread Hendrickson Air Ride. 15 Pairs of Recessed Cargo Chain Tie Downs. 1-24X24X60 Tool Box with ...
Fort Worth, TX $59,900
Listing# 898022 unit photo Stock# A9435P 2016 Mack CXU613
Tye (Abilene), TX $54,950
Listing# 893129 unit photo Stock# 62745 2024 Volvo VNL64T860
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 Come in today and check out this Viper Blue Pearl 860! Features include: Disc Brakes, Power Inverter, VADA, CARB+ EPA Clean Idle Certified, Air slide 5th wheel (12" travel) Finan...
Fort Worth, TX $191,610
Listing# 889495 unit photo Stock# 63170 2025 Fontaine HAR52D22RSA
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 2024 Fontaine All Aluminum "Revolution" Drop Deck. Cal Legal set up. 11FT Top Deck, 42FT Bottom Deck. 40.5" Loaded Deck Height. 30" King Pin setting and Rear Sliding Axle. 122" Open ...
Fort Worth, TX $79,950
Listing# 885590 unit photo Stock# 62481 2025 Fontaine XTP 4880 SS2
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 2024 Fontaine Xcalibur, extendable platform trailer. 48ft trailer that extends up to 80ft. Extends in 5ft increments until the last stop position which is a 2ft increment (i.e. last ...
Fort Worth, TX $59,900
Listing# 883122 unit photo Stock# 62276 2024 Viking VDDR53102CTA
Call Bruckner's 877-356-9189 2024 53' Viking Drop Deck Trailer 10'6" Top Deck, 42'6" Bottom Deck with rear Dovetail, Deck Height laydown Ramps. 25K Axles on Closed Tandem Air Ride. Manual Dump Valve for when you...
Fort Worth, TX $56,794
Listing# 875404 unit photo Stock# 60885 2024 Fontaine HAICF22RSA
Call Bruckner's 877-257-3229 New 53FT Fontaine "Infinity" Combo Deck Flatbed Trailer. 30" Kingpin Setting with California Legal Sliding Rear Axle to run Closed Tandem or Wide Spread. Hendrickson Axles and Air Ri...
Monroe, LA $82,900
Listing# 873476 unit photo Stock# 60756 2024 CTS BDT40
Call Bruckner's 877-614-3357 2024 CTS model BDT40 Bottom Dump. Air Ride Suspension, 23.5 Cu Yd Capacity. Electric Flip and Go Mountain Tarp. Large Push Block. Price includes FET.
Enid, OK $54,798


The staff at Bruckners Truck Sales in Tulsa, Oklahoma has built a reputation for being great source for both new and used trucks. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the trucks and trailers on their lot as well as the trucking industry in general. Financing is available on every truck and warranties are available for most of the trucks on the lot. The dealership is located at 15525 East Admiral Place in Tulsa and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. until noon. They are closed on Sundays and can be reached by phone at 877-336-2365.


The inventory at Bruckners- Tulsa includes shiny new trucks from Volvo and other manufacturers of quality trucks. They also have new and used trailers for sale on the lot. Owner-operators and trucking company owners can buy single trucks or purchase entire fleets of trucks at once. Financing is available for both new and used trucks and most trucks have warranties. You can browse through the online inventory or search for a specific type of truck using criteria such as truck type, year, mileage, weight rating, fuel type, tire size, model, make and more. If listings for the exact truck you're looking for don't show up in your search, please call the dealership to discuss your truck needs. Inventory changes so often that it is almost impossible for the online listings to keep up with the trucks on the lot.


There are many late-model used trucks on the lot at Bruckners- Tulsa. They have tractors with sleepers, daycabs, box vans and more. Each truck listing includes multiple pictures as well as information such as gear ratio, engine model, tire size, number of axles, transmission type, wheelbase and more. They provide you with as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision before making the trip to the dealership for a test drive.


Appointments for service and repair work are accepted at Bruckners- Tulsa to minimize the amount of time you have to wait for your truck. Services performed by their experienced technicians include electronic engine diagnostics, Cummins engine service, air conditioning repair, alignment, Department of Transportation inspections, glass repair, fuel injection repair, free pickup and delivery, Mack transmission service, radiator work, Mack engine service, Volvo engine service, paint and body work, towing service, and more. Internet service, telephones and hotel shuttle are available for drivers who are waiting for their trucks to be serviced or repaired.