Trucking and Veterans: Tips for Finding the Right Job Fit

Trucking And Veterans

When you serve in the military, you have a very disciplined, scheduled life for the number of years you serve. This is true whether you are stationed at a local base go overseas and fight in a war. You are trained not only to do the job of defending your country, but you are also trained to do some kind of specialty job, too. What happens when your service ends? You are expected to find a job and that structure is gone.

This is what US Army Veteran Jesse Delph faced after he left the military. At 24, he was unemployed and had only $300 to his name upon leaving the Army. That is until he found his place at Roehl Transport, an award winning trucking company out of Wisconsin, Delph's home state. Delph joined Roehl's two-year apprenticeship program which allowed him to not only receive a steady paycheck from Roehl's, but G.I. Bill benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. It didn't take Delph long to find this job, thankfully.

What should you look for when searching for a job after returning from active duty?

  1. Find a company who cares about their employees and are willing to work with them. You want them to work with your schedule, your potential injuries or disabilities and with your strengths.
  2. Companies with training programs specifically catered to the needs and skills of veterans. Do your research. There might be many jobs you are qualified for, but, they may not cater to you as a veteran.
  3. Look for a job that allows you the flexibility to do the things you want in your life, such as college. Delph enjoys the flexibility between his classroom coursework and his time on the road.

The trucking industry has many jobs as it currently has a shortage of drivers. Whatever job you choose, choose something you love. For more trucker information, visit our website today!

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