Trucker to Trucker Tips: Trucker Tire Safety Reminders

Remember To Drive Safe TruckersAccording to the National Highway Safety Commission, approximately 95,000 people suffered injuries and 3,964 were killed from accidents involving large trucks in 2013. Although some accidents were linked to bad drivers on suspended licenses, mental impairment and other drivers, some of these accidents involved trucks that did not have safe tires.

For Consideration

Devoting extra time to tire safety is not a priority for some drivers because they believe their tires only need mandatory, official inspections, but the reality is that you need to perform your own regular inspections to make sure that you are driving safely.

By checking your tires and performing maintenance measures as needed, you can prevent future blow outs and additional damage that happens from issues like low air pressure and debris. You can also protect against getting a ticket if you are pulled over and one or more tires don't meet regulation standards. Lastly, efficient, well-maintained tires require less fuel use.

Truck Tire Care Tips

Here are the top issues you should look for:

Every day

Check for debris, damage and missing parts like valve caps and nuts. Perform this inspection before you start out, after you drop off freight and whenever you hit something or drive over anything that is not asphalt, such as other tires pieces, branches, rocks, glass and items that fell off other vehicles. Also, check for low air pressure as indicated by a gauge, uneven wear, tire inflation unevenness and hissing.

At least once a week

Check for spots on steer tires where tread groove is thinner than 4/32 of an inch.

Extra Tip: For the most accurate assessment, wait until the tires have cooled before inspecting them.

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