Trucker Buddy International Connects Truckers to Kids Through Postcards

Nonprofit For Kids

For grammar and middle school aged children, Trucker Buddy International offers a fun, real-life alternative to the typical textbook learning of geography, math, social studies, and more according to the New York Times.

A nonprofit benefitting American kids

Established in 1992, Trucker Buddy International links long-haul drivers to K-8 students in classrooms nationwide, where truckers educate and mentor children, sharing knowledge of the nation's roads and cities, enhancing learning and forming lasting relationships.

Postcard pals

In what is essentially a pen-pal program, Trucker Buddy International connects students and truckers via postcard, email, or letter as decided by each classroom's teacher. Some drivers even have blogs.

Bringing learning to life

"Teachers love the program because each postcard or email is an instant geography, math, history, social studies and reading lesson," Mr. Schwartzenburg, Trucker Buddy's executive director, explains. About 2,100 drivers, 2,300 teachers and nearly 60,000 students participate in the program throughout the continental U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe.

Challenging drivers and students alike

Going beyond pen and paper the program brings America to life through the eyes of truckers, from the wide varieties of landscapes and people to the aftermath of disasters like Oklahoma City and Katrina, connecting a variety of subjects. Trucker Buddy adds interest to learning abilities such as calculating distance, driving time, geography, and mapping routes, helps children understand the logistics and importance of transporting various goods across the country, and many other skills.

Forming lasting bonds

The program connects class after class of students with American truckers. Students write monthly, while truckers send weekly communications to students, who eagerly anticipate receiving correspondence. Over the course of many years, truckers develop a relationship with teachers as well, watching from promotion to retirement as careers progress.

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