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New Trucker Apps

Cell phones, smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices have been some of the greatest innovations in the trucking industry. These gadgets are some of the most important instruments in a truckers life, and better still, you can download some great apps and make them even better.

So here, in no particular order, are some of the trendiest and neatest trucker apps available today.

Co-Pilot Mobile Navigation

This is considered the cream of the crop when talking about navigation apps. The spoken turn by turn directions are easy to hear and follow, and it is available for both the U.S. and Canada.

Trucker Path Truck Stop App

Every trucker needs to know where the next truck stop and weigh stations are, and this app comes complete with information, reviews and directions.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

You don't need to have love handles just because you are a trucker. Plot your calorie count, no matter where you eat on the road, with this unique and helpful app.

AAA Mobile

You may have AAA for your car, but it works the same way for your truck. You can plot your route and get roadside assistance if you break down. That's what the AAA app is all about.


Diesel fuel is not cheap, which is why you need a program that can save you money every time you fill up. This app tells you the best prices on diesel in your area, and even gives you directions on how to get there.

Truck Simulator-3D

Work without play is no fun, so download this top rated trucking game for the time you just want to relax. Finish all of the trucking jobs that are listed to win the game. It's just like driving the real thing.

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