Transfix the Uber for Trucking Raises $14.5 Million in Funding

December 10, 2015

Uber For Truckers

Have you ever heard of Transfix? If you haven't, you might be interested in this start-up trucking initiative, which complies with trucking legislation, because it may change the way goods are traveling in the future.

Uber Driving

Uber driving is taking the world by storm. This is, essentially, pitting a rider with a driver who needs to get somewhere but doesn't have a vehicle, doesn't drive, or just doesn't want the hassle of driving or commuting long or short distances by themselves. Basically, it's like modern day hitchiking, and instead of using your thumb to "bum a ride," you use your smart phone mobile app and a GPS system to find a ride.

Although this approach isn't new, in practice it has become much more viable because real time scheduling that can be done by computers and/or smart phone apps. If someone follows the uber app, all you need to do is inform a driver where you are going to be, and if they are going your way, you can, effectively, hitch a ride.

Uber Freight Delivery

That exact same scenario can be used for freight pick-up and delivery. Here is the actual description from the Transfix company themselves:

The mobile app's planner option, dubbed TransPath, provides route options for drivers between their starting points and destinations, including insight on rest areas, restaurants, weather and any automated cash advances to cover upfront hauling expenses. Transfix is aiming to compete with big-name shipping companies such as C.H. Robinson and UPS by disrupting the way shipments are booked.

The Potential is Unlimited

Transfix may potentially open up freight pick-ups and deliveries to virtually anyone. That ultimately means more customers, and more customers means more revenue. It's a win-win scenario every time.

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