Semi Truck Services Open New Cottage Industries

June 17, 2014

American Family Business

They say "trucking moves America," but the millions of semis on the road are also feeding America's entrepreneurial spirit. From mom and pop operations to small businesses, new cottage industries are springing up along U.S. and Canadian highways to serve long-haul truckers and the tractor-trailers they drive.

A Family Business

Prairie Business recently ran an interesting article about a North Dakota family that is generating a nice income by washing trucks that play the dusty back roads of fracking country. Joel and Leslie Schrum's Badlands Truck Wash in Dickinson is busy from dawn to dusk. Washing trucks is a family affair, with the couple's two children helping out. The family often turns the work day into an impromptu family picnic, joining Joel at job sites.

Full-time truckers, Joel and Leslie never expected their "little extra on the side" to turn into a major business venture, but it has. They now count major oil companies as clients and have expanded into cleaning industrial equipment at gas stations, restaurants and groceries.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The Schrum's experience is not unique. The army of semis that ply the North America's highways has provided business opportunities for many folks. Cafes, truck washes, truck service centers and convenience stores have become standard fare along highways with many gathered at truck stops. But we're also starting to see health clinics, dentists, chiropractors, dog washes, vets, specialty clothing stores, print shops, truck and auto parts stores, bowling alleys, movie theaters, miniature golf and campgrounds that cater to truckers springing up at or near established truck stops.

In most cases, even if they are associated with a truck stop, each of these businesses is independently owned and operated, giving folks the opportunity to make their own luck! Give them your business when you can. Together, we're putting America back to work! is your one-stop marketplace for trucks, trailers, trucking equipment and parts. Visit our website today.

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