Tips For Truckers - Keeping Happy On The Long Haul

September 30, 2014

Choose a Healthy Trucking Lifestyle

The enjoyment most truckers get from their chosen lifestyle can start to wear thin on long hauls. Opportunities to relax and think about yourself are few, if they exist at all, when you are on the road with a deadline to meet and hundreds or thousands of people relying on you to make that delivery.

Follow these tips to stay upbeat, focused, and safe when you are making those long hauls:

Healthy Eating

When you are at the mercy of the road, it is tough to find healthy meal options. A 12-volt mini fridge and 12-volt microwave can put you back in control of your diet.

Excessive amounts of caffeine can lead to anxiousness, inadequate sleep, and a dangerous slump when the effects wear off. By reducing caffeine, you get restful sleep and more consistent energy throughout the day.


While professional truck drivers are at a higher risk for many health problems, they share a common contributing factor to many preventable diseases with non-trucking people. Excessive sitting is linked to worse mental health, a higher risk of heart disease, and an overall higher risk of ultimately becoming disabled, according to WebMD. Worse yet, the ill effects of excess sitting are not erased by a few hours in the gym.

While regular aerobic exercise should be a part of everyone's life, the Mayo Clinic suggest it is more important to take frequent breaks from extended periods of sitting and spend more time moving overall. Be creative finding little ways for more moving throughout your day. The West Central Ohio Regional Healthcare Alliance (WCORHA) suggest utilizing your stops to take some short walks.

  • At least 10 minutes, ideally 15 minutes whenever you stop at a rest stop
  • Take a 15 minute walk when you stop for a meal
  • When you stop for a fill up, take a 15 minute walk

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