Technology and the Trucking Industry - Time for Improvement

The Solution is Improvement

As always, Trucker to Trucker keeps you abreast of the latest trucking industry news and views, and here is something coming down the pike that's beginning to make waves. It's called "technology," and in the business world of trucking, it has been pushed under all 18 wheels for decades.

Slow Acceptance

Although you may find this difficult to believe, the trucking business does not like to accept new technology. It is kind-of like the old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." The problem is that, throughout the years, trucking companies have been way off the norm for implementing newer technology. This even goes back to the days when trucking was in its infancy. Do you know what motor vehicles were the last to discard oil lamps for electric head lights and tail lights? So not accepting new technology has been commonplace from the beginning.

Electronic Logs

The latest bug-a-boo for the trucking industry are electronic logs. These devices will automatically tell a trucking company how many hours the driver has been on the road, off hours, wayside stops, lunch breaks, and down time for sleeping. This revolution will potentially make trucking far safer, yet the industry is bracing for a massive amount of retirements because the drivers do want want to embrace this new technology.

Technology is the Key

As in all businesses, technology must be accepted or the business itself will lose customers, go bankrupt, or get bought out by someone else who IS using new technology. Those trucking companies that don't keep up with the technology will get taken over by the highest bidder. And guess what the highest bidder will do? Retrofit all of the trucks with the latest in technology, and become profitable again!

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