Scholarship Resource with $18k+ in Awards

April 22, 2015

A few weeks ago we announced $1500 in scholarship opportunities from for both College and Truck Driving School.

Today's announcement is even more exciting, as we've put together a resource that lists over $18,000 (and growing) in annual scholarships, awards, and grants for transportation professionals and their families.

You'll find it here:

The goal of this resource is to give everyone in the industry a single place they can go (or send their family) to find real scholarships for college, truck driving school, and other charitable grants that support individuals in our community.

Why Did We Create This Resource?

It was a little over 2 years ago that we at put together our first scholarship. There was a lot of excitement about doing something positive, and we couldn't wait to let students and schools know about it.

Then we hit a brick wall

Dozens of unreturned emails and phone calls later, we realized how hard it is to give away an award. And, after talking with a few associations who had offered scholarships in the past, we learned that we are not the first people to have this problem.

This left us with a couple options. Shut down the whole scholarship idea and move on, or find a better way to spread the word.

This resource page is our attempt at Option #2.

We decided to contact other organizations who offer scholarships to create a single location where anyone in our industry can go to find opportunities to improve their education and careers.

Word of Warning!

Every program has its individual requirements and eligibility guidelines. We've tried hard to find real scholarship programs and provide accurate links to the applications, but it is up to you to decide if the award fits your needs. Read the details carefully before submitting your information.

As an example, some companies that offer a scholarship for truck driving school require you to work for them for a minimum period. While most foundations and scholarship programs (like ours) have no restrictions or similar requirements.

Why All the Scholarship Focus?

To have any real shot at a good job these days, you must have a trade, a skill, or a degree...but, they don't come cheap.

A little help with tuition can make the difference that lasts a lifetime.

We wanted to find a way to give back to the community that keeps our business strong, and a scholarship seemed like one of the best ways to have a truly positive impact on a person's life.

What Do We Get Out Of It?

This is a question we heard a lot when we first tried to give away a scholarship for commercial driving school a couple years ago. We'd call or email schools, but receive a pretty limited response.

I even had the head of driving school tell me over the phone that the whole thing sounded suspicious, and their school wanted nothing to do with it.

That was disappointing, but understandable

It's hard to trust someone who says they want to give your students money and get nothing in return.

To make sure I'm as clear as possible, the only thing we hope to get out of this is some good will in the trucking and transportation community, and the chance to help some people make a positive improvement in their lives. has no financial connection to the companies, organizations, or schools we list on our resource. And, we don't ask for anything from the people who apply or win.

We've simply tried to create the best list of real scholarships for the families in our industry. Hope you find it helpful!

Go check out the new scholarship resource, and help spread the word to family and coworkers who might benefit from one of the programs.

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