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Complete Scholarship Resource
Trucking, Transportation, and Logistics Industry

Below you’ll find a list of scholarship opportunities for those who either want to join the trucking industry, or who have a family member who is already a part of it.

To be clear - You will find scholarship information for the following situations:

You want to be a professional driver.
So, you’re looking for scholarships to accredited truck driving schools.

You’re a future/current college kid who has a family member in the transportation industry.
Your major and future job goals don’t need to be transportation related, (but maybe you should say thanks to the relative who is in the field!)

To be fair, the list is a little rough right now, but it will continue to grow as we hear back from more organizations, companies, and schools that have created funding to make education more affordable through endowments and scholarship awards.

If you know anyone who would benefit from this information, please let them know about this resource.

I don't need the full story.
Just take me to the scholarships!

(Or read just a little more to understand why we created this resource)


In 2013, decided to put together a new scholarship specifically for those who want to become professional drivers as a way to give back to the hard working community that makes our industry possible.

We couldn’t give the money away!

After several weeks of contacting professional commercial driving schools and trucking organizations, we had maybe 3-4 applicants and lots of unreturned calls and emails.

We were offering a $1000 scholarship with no obligations on the winner or school, and it was almost impossible to give the money away! That’s crazy!!

We also talked with other organizations that offered trucking related scholarships, and they had the same issue. Money, free money, they’d like to give to promising individuals looking to start a new career…and nobody applied for it.

There had to be a better way to help folks find the resources they needed to make their education affordable.

The Solution

It was one of last year’s applicants who helped us understand the problem. They told us about their experience searching for “trucking school scholarships.”

“Your scholarship was the only real one I found. Most of the websites are spam. They didn’t have any of the scholarships they promised, but now I get all these junk emails.”

We decided that it would be best to create a single resource for legitimate scholarships (not just the ones we offer), so that anyone in the industry has a place to find the right information.

First - You’ll find the 2 types of scholarships that we here at offer.

Second - You’ll find a list of different scholarships by state, company, and people eligible (its still a little rough, but we’re working on it). Scholarships

$500 Trucking School Scholarship

Need help getting your commercial driver’s license?

If you are a US citizen ready to take on a new career as a professional driver, this is the scholarship for you.

We offer 2 different $500 scholarships each year for accredited driving programs around the country.

Learn More

$500 College Scholarship

Do you have a family member in or supporting the transportation industry?

It doesn't matter if they drive, repair, load, buy/sell equipment, finance, or run a fleet. You qualify.

We offer two different $500 college scholarships each summer for family members working towards a 2-4 year degree.

Learn More

Important Notes

We don’t ask for anything from the applicants or winners of our scholarship programs. We can’t hire you, we don't try to sell you anything, you won't get a bunch of unwanted emails. It’s just a simple online application.

The awards below will have their own process, so you’ll need to read their rules closely. Companies who offer scholarships will often require you to drive for them for a period of time. We've done our very best to find the legitimate scholarship sources, but you need to use your best judgement as well when it comes to giving out your email or personal information.

Other Scholarships

Here we’ve done out best to find real scholarships available through different schools, organizations, companies, and non-profits. They are labeled by the type of award, who is offering, and who is eligible. We’ve also tried to link directly to the correct application page to make it as easy as possible.

If you have questions about one of the scholarships below, ask the organization directly...we don't know the answer, it’s not our program.

Scholarships for Commercial Driving School

Scholarships for Truck Driver’s Children, Grandchildren, and Dependents

Scholarships by State

  • coming soon!

Scholarships by Company

Other types of Scholarships