Place a "Want to Buy Ad" That's Totally Free!

January 1, 2015

Free For Sale Ad's

If you're in the market for commercial trucks, trailers, equipment, or parts, you now have an easy way to get sellers to come to you. The best part, it won't cost you a thing! All you need to do is place a "Want to Buy Ad" on our Trucker to Trucker website, and wait for someone to contact you about having what you need.

Before placing an ad, search through already posted ads. There's a detailed search page that lets you look for specific trucks, trailers, parts, and equipment. For example, if you go to Parts for Sale, you can then click on a specific sub category such as Tires for Sale.

How "Want to Buy Ads" Work

If you can't find what you're looking for on the ad pages, go to the "Want to Buy" section of our website. You will then fill out a short form with your name, email, and phone number. Next, put in a short description about what you are looking to buy. Then, write a couple of details about the item you want. Last but not least, hit submit.

Once the ad is reviewed by our staff, it will be activated. The ad will then be emailed to dealers who are registered at our Trucker to Trucker website. Your ad will be active for up to 60 days. If someone has what you are looking for, they will contact you by email.

Types of "Want to Buy Ads" You Can Place

Pretty much anything goes as long as it fits into the trucks, trailers, parts, and equipment categories. People have posted ads ranging from truck appliances that make life easier, to hard to find semi trailers.

Don't forget to first check out the homepage of our Trucker to Trucker website to see if someone has posted an ad of what you need. You can also place an ad, which will reach millions of people.

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