Outpouring of Love to Truckers Nationwide from Fastport's Imagine Video

Thank You Truckers

Have you thanked a truck driver today? That's the theme of this unique and heartfelt video, posted on Facebook, that thanks truckers for just being out there. Please, click on this link provided and check it out.

Imagine -- Thank You Drivers

This was put up to recently honor National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and it will make you feel proud to be a driver, or just a part of the trucking industry and we wanted to share it again. Even those that just see trucks moving on down the road will look at trucking in a different light, so please spread the link around and make sure everyone gets a chance to see it.


Also, show you care by leaving a comment, as many others have done, because without truckers, we would all be missing out on so much. From goods and deliveries, food and material things, and even disaster relief and the defense of our country, it all starts with truckers, trucking companies and their rigs.

Our Hats Are Off

Here at Trucker to Trucker, our hats are off to you, for your services, your dedication and your professionalism. Truckers keep the world moving down the highways, the byways, country roads and interstates. Through small towns, big cities, over mountains and into the desert, you'll invariably find a trucker moving freight.

Sometimes taken for granted but always appreciated, if you are a trucker, you know that there is no finer job in all the world. Truckers make the world a better place, and for that, we will be forever thankful.

Hey, for the best in news, information or even selling your rig, hook up with Trucker to Trucker on the Net. We'll steer you right, every time.

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