New App Makes Crossing to Canada Easier for Truckers

February 19, 2015

Cross The Border With Ease

Trucking across the border just got a whole lot easier for those making their way between the U.S. and Canada. Livingston's new app Shipment Tracker streamlines the scanning and tracking process for shipments headed either direction.

If you've hauled a load over the U.S.-Canada border crossing, you know the possibility of paperwork and red tape nightmares. Shipment Tracker (available for both iOS and Android) includes several features to speed things up and keep track of data:

  • Clearance status quickly sent to carrier and driver
  • Works for both Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS, entering the U.S.) and Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS, entering Canada)
  • Barcode scanning to automate shipment entry and tracking
  • Tracking available for clients
  • Optional SMS and email notifications
  • English, French and Spanish options
  • Manual entry option when desired

Everybody prefers less paperwork and more automation! Truckers have an easier time handling and tracking shipment info when crossing the U.S.-Canada border in either direction. Carriers can use the app to track air, train, and ocean shipments as well.

Truckers have so far given the app very positive reviews. The simple function and handy features mean less time calling in to check on shipments and communicate with clients. Even if you rarely make trips to Canada, you can still do well by downloading the app to save time at the border and provide faster information to carriers and clients.

The app also helps when you have the occasional shipment without a barcode. You can enter the info manually so you still have all your international tracking in one place.

Have you already used Livingston's app for Canadian shipments? Tell other truckers what you think in the comments! We love hearing about other apps for truckers, too. And be sure to follow Trucker to Trucker for the latest tools and tips that make your work life easier.

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