New App From BF Goodrich Makes It Easy for Truckers

April 16, 2015

New BF Goodrich App

When a tire blowout ruins your day on the road, wouldn't it be nice if you could just press a button and fix everything? That's the idea behind the truck tire locator app from BFGoodrich.

The app does plenty more than just find commercial truck tires, too. You can search for towing, tire inspections, oil & lube, and other kinds of service centers nearby.

Next time your tire blows out or you need emergency repairs, you can pull up the BFGoodrich app. Find the service you need, make the phone call - and then pull up a list of the nearest motels if you want. It's just as helpful as the truck stop finder apps.

BFGoodrich has made the app free for both Apple and Android devices, so every trucker and fleet manager should give it a download. The app replaces the need to search around online and sort through all the results to find the best options for commercial trucks. Who wants to waste precious moments fumbling for answers - especially if your truck is on the side of the road or broken down in a parking lot?

The dealers and repairmen are already loaded up with contact info and a list of services. The map features are surprisingly user-friendly and fast, too.

The app's designer tried to make everything easy to use, and they did a great job. You don't need to type anything into the app unless you want to enter a specific street address. Otherwise, a couple thumb clicks can pull up exactly what you need.

Besides finding BFGoodrich tire dealers, the app helps you locate other things:

  • Truck, trailer, and tire repair
  • DOT inspections and automated tire inspections
  • Onsite, 24/7 emergency services
  • Nail hole repair, wheel refurb and other services
  • Hotels & restaurants near each service location

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